First off, Happy birthday to Jaye - You're what 18? and you look like your 13 ahah. Secondly today is Halloween - I'm me myself and I for the holiday. and Third, Congrats to Adrian getting his G2. Pretty envious at the moment. Random but my day; Went to school, checked my belly button since it got infected - after almost 4 years of having it pierced, it only get infected now. Got dressed and went to school. Saw people with good costumes and other's that were just plain stupid. For lunch me and john went to square one along with clifford and kris. Ate some taco bell then back to school. went to class and then eventually home time. My mom, my younger brother, and I basically decorated the outside of my house for them trick or treaters. My pregnant cousin also came to my house - telling me about how I'm the junior bridesmaid for her upcoming wedding. There goes $160 for an alright dress. She left and I had to walk my younger brother to his friend's house. Oh yes, I also walked my dog and my dog was a pumpkin for Halloween. So kid's started coming to my door and I met my new neighbor and her son. He's the cutest thing - he looks like my nephew Daniel except his name was Nicholas, let me tell you how he was a pumpkin to. I got bored after half n hour of giving candy - so i went to Julio's house and played with their dog plus his brothers friends chiuaua. I also ran into my neighbour who has a Pomeranian, I found out they had another one who is actually pregnant at the moment - I told them to save me one cause you know, I love my animals. And they'll all be WHITE Pomeranian - yes white, I've always wanted a white Pomeranian. I just hope I can actually get one. Anyways Adrian, Kevin.L and Corey came to my house. I handed them as much candy as I could and gave Kevin all my reese's pieces. They left and I did nothing for the rest of the night. I tried creating a new layout but I got to lazy. Also My birthday is in 20 days, what is everyone getting me? I'd much appreciate it if people bought me those gift certificates from gas stations so I could have money for gas - I also want new jeans, new shirts and new shoes and boots, but I'd prefer if I told you which ones to get me since I'm picky. I'm still waiting for my Nikon d-40 cause I already know my parents are getting it for me, they told my aunts and they told me. I want so many things, I wish I could write more of what I want but I don't remember, oh yes i want a Pomeranian - so if anyone wants to help buy one for me I'd much likely appreciate that even more. Oh yeah and I'm cutting my hair - neither a mullet or hair like gigi torres, help me pick! thanks


happy early 50th birthday dad

yesterday it was my dad's 50th birthday jam. thinking it would be flop and boring it actually was pretty fun. my boyfriend came, and so did rina, john and mia. in the beginning john rina and i were just practicing our dance since we were preforming then it came so we preformed - i messed up so many times and it was pretty jokes since throughout the whole dance we were all laughing. after that me and justin walked around square one and took boothies then went back. john and mia left, so me justin and rina just sat in front of the bay and we were taking pictures and making videos. eventually rina left and justin stayed longer than i thought, which was a good thing but then he did leave. so i just sat down at the party an caught up with Anna and chilled with her for the rest of the night. afterwards i got to drive home in my car =]

cake i made for the boyfriend (rina helped) - came out ugly but taste good

rina lol

boyfriend and i



jasmine got her first car =]

this week was so boring. worked on monday and tuesday and from wednesdy to friday it's all about dance. practice on wednesday and friday - auditions are on thusday.. psh we already know we made it, but we get to preform at my dad's 50th birthday. well anyways yesterday my dad bought me a car too bad i can't drive it yet - but hey i'll be taking it out whenever cause you know, i got myself my own keys to my car.i don't even have my g2, but whatever i got my own car! my aunts from cali are coming to my house on friday for my dads 50th birthday and my boyfriends coming! i'm so happy my boyfriends coming, I haven't seen him since september but yay i get to see my boyfriend. so i don't wanna type out anything anymore so bye.



i just realized how bad i am at dancing...because my boyfriend told me so, but it's okay he thinks he's Jeff viray - which i find really cute. Triple J.R webisode #4.

anyways for once in my LIFE i have a day off. I'm coloring my hair today, cleaning my closet, and picking up my certificate for driving. I doubt I'll be getting it by november probably in December. Fuck my Life. anyways I should get ready now.

ran some errans with my mother. picked up my certificate for my G2 and I booked my appointment which will be on November 20 - the day after my birthday. I'm so happy, but I better pass that shit. after that went to loblaws and bought couple of things, then to chinese place to buy more things. after went to cousins to discuss my fathers birthday. I also invited triple J.R over since we need to practice. around 3 - 4 PM and they'll be over but before that I need to color my hair.


intimacy, honesty, commitment... you, me, us.

Beyonce's song "If I were a Boy" is now one of my favorites, watching her music video makes you understand her point much more than just listening to it. Before watching the video I was thinking of how easy it is to get jealous and If you know me, I am the type of girl who is like that - especially towards my boyfriend. but recently I haven't really been jealous of him, I'm guessing it's because I'm kind of in the same situation but with different people - I always thought I was right but I was just being stupid. Now, After watching this video - It made me realize that my boyfriend can kind of relate to this and that he just doesn't understand my point the way I will and I won't ever understand his point of view because we're two different people - who have our different views and opinions. I think that every girl out there can relate to this song. but yeah anyways This was kind of a gay blog but I was bored. oh and I think the guys in the video are hot... to justin once you read the sentence before this one - i love you, don't be jelly haha =]


TO RINA - because of you I did this, cause i read your blog!


some girls are so stupid

The past couple of days have been stupid and retarded.

First off. my parents are both being assholes. When I argue with my mom - she brings up things that aren't even apart of our arguement. My mother should learn how to shut-up and not yell when talking to me. My dad on the other hand is also being pretty gay. It's like he's fucking whipped by my mom. He listens to everything she says, my dad can't even talk to me - cause everything I do is bad? So this morning I asked my dad if he could drive me to school, he didn't even reply to me - he just left the house like he doesn't give a shit about me. Another thing is my younger brother, he has no respect what so ever. The child comes into my room without knocking - and the saddest thing is most of the time I'm always changing my clothes, so it's gross to think your brother walks in on you while your naked. He also likes to bug me - Like it's my job to bother the stupid kid, but he's the on doing it.

Second. I hate the bitches at my school, Like seriously. Little girls should grow up and stop talking shit and writing on their stupid blogs about me. Theres this one girl at school who i call Ompa Loompa - I never knew how much you actually think of me - or are you just mad because I didn't want to give you a fucking gummy worm? I'm not stupid you stupid bitch - I know for a fact you don't like me so stop acting as if I don't know. Why should it matter if I don't have a "sense of humor"? Nothing you say is funny. Another thing about stupid bitches that go to my school are white chicks who are attention seekers. I love how a couple of days ago you called me a guy cause I wore sweats and a t-shirt? Oh and I also Loved how you were in the CAR when you said it, I wish you had said it to my face. Like you don't wear sweats and a t-shirt for gym class and go home wearing them? Call me a guy all you want, I don't really give a fuck. I just find it funny how you said it while you were in the passenger seat instead of saying it in front of my face.

Holy shit

It's 4:56AM on a Monday and I'm basically done editing my Blogspot. Yes I couldn't fall asleep because I drank coffee at like 8:30PM last night. I got sick of my old layout, so I just made a new one. Don't ask me to do your blogspot cause I loafted on mine for a week and I only got to it now and I'd be to lazy to do yours. Anyways I really liked how my blogspot turned out. I guess I'm getting back into my "sick" layout making's again. First asianavenue and now this. Now it' 5:00AM only 3 more hours until school I guess? Oh yes I would also like to thank Danny Nguyen for this wonderful song. Anyways I need to get some shut eye. Work later, Boo.


soo what!

..i am in love with that song. so anyways today was a pretty busy day for me. first of all i went to school of course and went to all my classes and studied for my religion test, i think i bombed that test though. afterwards had gym and had t o our presentation which pretty much sucked ass but yet again, who cares. after school went to square for my new pick up - my new contact lenses, oh i'm in love. to bad she came late, at least she took off $5 off. so rina and i were at terminal ordering a pizza and we took the wrong bus to go to johns. thank God we noticed quickly and that john's friend was there to drive us back to john.d's house. had our pizza and learned some parts of tortilla chips. our next episode of triple j.r will be posted up yet again. but yeah afterwards droped rina to terminal, and john at ericas then i went home. an hour later got picked up from my cousin. i babysat my nephew and now im home. work tomorrow from 10:30am - 4:15pm


break`n dishes

i haven't updated in so long - yesterday after school we had a triplej.r practice at johns house once again. john taught rina and i our female choreo to breakin` dishes by rhianna. i love this choreo and if you were at john's house you'd hear me say it 24/7. we have another practice on friday and we learn tortilla chips choreo by john dominic and tutting by the other john.
on the other hand i found out my mom will help me buy my d40 once i have half saved. i could get it next weekend but i'm still debating since i have to buy a white dress for my dad's 50th plus his birthday gift but i'd honestly love it if i do get a d40 so i could be taking pictures with it at my dad's 50th. maybe i should just tell my mom to buy it now and i'll pay her back after the party? i don't know. i need to start walking to school.
oh yes btw, triplej.r webisode#2

& also look out for my new layout i will be creating for blogspot =]


i need a break

talk about me being busy for once in my life. This whole week starting today is insanely crazy.

Saturday - coloring hair
Sunday - work 10:30am - 3:30pm
Monday - work 4pm - 8pm / English assignment due.
Tuesday - work 5pm - 10pm
Wednesday - triple j.r practice
Thursday - work - 5:30pm - 9:15pm
Friday - triple j.r practice

that's all so far. i basically am not aloud to spend any money what so ever since i just got paid on Thursday and I'm basically using that money on my hair. the rest of my pay and the next couple of cheques I'll be getting this Tuesday and this Thursday will be used for my dad's birthday present. which will be a Scorpio tattoo. well i'll write more later on - i'm going to get ready.

so it takes from 11:30am until 2:30pm to get my hair fully done and i only paid $100 not bad. so anyways i love off my pink hair. yes i said pink. and my hair isn't as orange as i wanted it to be soo boo to that. afterwards my momma-dukes picked me up and i got mcdonalds. from there i just spoke to my boyfriend and fell alseep. ate spicy chicken wings for dinner and went to my cousin shaynes but she's not here anymore so i'll probably bother my cousins/brother once i'm done this. i also watched some cute korean chick-flick movie - it's so cute and the main guy character is a mother fucking hottie to the extreme hahaha. anyways i kept looking at my hair today and i kept thinking if i should get my lip pierced on my left bottom lip. if you know by now - i've been wanting one for a while - i want to put the ring on my lip so badly. geeez, fuck a tattoo. so now i don't know what to do. i'll just bother my cousins.brother now and find some food.


triple j.r episode 1