some girls are so stupid

The past couple of days have been stupid and retarded.

First off. my parents are both being assholes. When I argue with my mom - she brings up things that aren't even apart of our arguement. My mother should learn how to shut-up and not yell when talking to me. My dad on the other hand is also being pretty gay. It's like he's fucking whipped by my mom. He listens to everything she says, my dad can't even talk to me - cause everything I do is bad? So this morning I asked my dad if he could drive me to school, he didn't even reply to me - he just left the house like he doesn't give a shit about me. Another thing is my younger brother, he has no respect what so ever. The child comes into my room without knocking - and the saddest thing is most of the time I'm always changing my clothes, so it's gross to think your brother walks in on you while your naked. He also likes to bug me - Like it's my job to bother the stupid kid, but he's the on doing it.

Second. I hate the bitches at my school, Like seriously. Little girls should grow up and stop talking shit and writing on their stupid blogs about me. Theres this one girl at school who i call Ompa Loompa - I never knew how much you actually think of me - or are you just mad because I didn't want to give you a fucking gummy worm? I'm not stupid you stupid bitch - I know for a fact you don't like me so stop acting as if I don't know. Why should it matter if I don't have a "sense of humor"? Nothing you say is funny. Another thing about stupid bitches that go to my school are white chicks who are attention seekers. I love how a couple of days ago you called me a guy cause I wore sweats and a t-shirt? Oh and I also Loved how you were in the CAR when you said it, I wish you had said it to my face. Like you don't wear sweats and a t-shirt for gym class and go home wearing them? Call me a guy all you want, I don't really give a fuck. I just find it funny how you said it while you were in the passenger seat instead of saying it in front of my face.


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