soo what!

..i am in love with that song. so anyways today was a pretty busy day for me. first of all i went to school of course and went to all my classes and studied for my religion test, i think i bombed that test though. afterwards had gym and had t o our presentation which pretty much sucked ass but yet again, who cares. after school went to square for my new pick up - my new contact lenses, oh i'm in love. to bad she came late, at least she took off $5 off. so rina and i were at terminal ordering a pizza and we took the wrong bus to go to johns. thank God we noticed quickly and that john's friend was there to drive us back to john.d's house. had our pizza and learned some parts of tortilla chips. our next episode of triple j.r will be posted up yet again. but yeah afterwards droped rina to terminal, and john at ericas then i went home. an hour later got picked up from my cousin. i babysat my nephew and now im home. work tomorrow from 10:30am - 4:15pm


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