Today was so flop. I was suppose to go downtown with my boyfriend, but I couldn't because my driver flop on me. And not only that I had an interview at 4PM so I couldn't bus there. I ended up going to school, helping out selling unfrozen freezes to the school but whateves. Right after school I went to Square one for my interview and right after my interview, Francis Magnaye called me because he had an interview at 5PM. While I was with him Alfie and his friend Paul bumped into us. Alfie was at square to do a meet-up. We basically just chilled and I went shopping for a really nice hoodie. Anyways I didn't get to dance practice which i'm real sorry for only because by the time i would get there practice would have been done, guys i promise i'll work harder. Anyways we saw Chesca and her boyfriend Adrian, we all went to Friday night live which is basically a football game for schools, my first football game and honestly it was pretty fun at the beginning. I ran into so many people, Danny Nguyen!!!!, Ashley Collins, Charlene, Camille, Patricia, Oj, Gabs, Jaya, Selina and alot more people I can't really think of. Oh my God, Danny Nguyen has one of the sexiest cameras I have ever seen like ever. And he let me take pictures with it, and he took pictures of me and people which will be up anytime soon. Okay so I'm going downtown with Danielle Santos today but chillin with my boyfriend and his friends, I'm excited [=
photo credits - danny nguyen
myself DANNY alfie and paul ( mr. i sound like thee jonas brothers ;] )

WDYWT: Myself Paul and Alflie

Chesca and Myself


Blogger Jaye said...

that camera is so nice

September 27, 2008 at 9:42 PM  

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