instead of "Cheese" say "Hi"

Today was picture day at school, my picture turned out better than any of my other school pictures. So I'm satisfied with that but the lady was weird but nice instead of saying "cheese" i had to say "hi", weird i know. Anyways I'm real upset because my friend Danilo, his pug gave birth to pure breed pug puppies, and he's selling them. i told him i want one really badly. the thing is i have to give him $600. I honestly thought i could do it until today, because i just realized how much money i would be spending in the next couple of months. i save up things for my family because everyone in my family their birthdays are all coming up from September until November not only that but i have to save up for insurance for my car that i will be getting soon and Christmas is in a couple of months. So everything sucks, my birthdays coming up too - but i'm not expecting much. I'm also getting another pair of Geo circled contact lenses as well, shit. I'm going to be poor again.


Blogger AirJustin said...

thats so weird, so your mouth was like this? --> :D

September 10, 2008 at 9:16 PM  

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