i miss my boyfriend

my mom woke me up this morning, wondering if i was going to driving school, which im not - i start on Thursday. instead today i went back to school shopping. bought my backpack, pens, pencils, binders ect. i kind of got obsessed with my school supplies but o well. afterwards walked to jades house, then kims. basically stayed at kim's house the whole day. played some wii fit, walked to T&T, kim bought a couple of things so we could make shrimp rolls. walked back to kim's from T&T, made some shrimp rolls, and played some more wii. and then went home from there. boyfriend called me, which made me real happy, but when we had to get off the phone. gee, i miss my boyfriend.

school pickups
puma backpack

spc card

my pens, led pencils, highlighters ect.

this was just HALF of my school supplies O_o

shrimp rolls <3


Blogger AirJustin said...

loooooooking good haha

August 29, 2008 at 2:03 PM  

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