Sherkston, again

went to the dentist @ 12. went to square one and chilled with Justin. got paid then basically wasted all my money afterwards. went home afterwards. dropped Justin at the bus stop, right when i got home started packing then went to Sherkston. got there and watched a movie, forgot what it's called.

square one @ pj's pet centre

boyfriend & i

watched Harold and Kumar 2 while eating breakfast. after went swimming. and basically stayed at the cottage watching movies. watched wanted & the scorpion king 2. Also played the board game Life. me and my cousin Alec were so bored we made a bon fire.

woke up and watched the Olympics with all my cousins. then eventually went swimming again, well this time i just went in the hot tub. went back to the cottage played with my dog. i just realized that my dog bit me like five times this week. but anyways at 2:30 we left Sherkston cause it was real boring. got home at 3:30PM. went through my mom pictures and found out how much her camera sucks, so no picture from Sherkston will be posted.


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