the list

a boring day, yet again. work then home. slept for basically the whole day. woke up and checked my moms new camera. it sucks, but i have a feeling I'd be stealing it and taking pictures and using them for my blog, until i could buy myself my own camera. since today was so boring, i was looking through my wanted list on myspace. i basically got everything in the others/accessories/miscellaneous category excluding the camera. while looking through everything, i kind of thought of more things to add on to my list. and since hardly anyone looks at my myspace i gonna post it up right here. so here it is.

nikon or canon slr
new computer or laptop
more plain white t-shirts
some more jeans, even though I've got over twenty that i never wear
i want to re-do my whole entire bedroom (paint job, new bed, a better mirror, more organized closet etc.)
more circle lenses
backpack for school
get my nails done again
tongue pierced?
black shoes for work/school


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