im gonna miss ribfest ]:

woke up at 8 this morning. got ready, drank some orange juice and at 9:25am i was out the door. walked to the bus stop, 3 minutes pass and the bus arrives. bussed all the way down to isslington station, got there at 10:00am. subwayed all the way to finch station and got there at exactly at 11:00am. so waited at the passenger pick up for an hour...and called justin. finally it's 12:00pm, and i meet up with the guy. so got the xi's. then missioned back home. got to sq1 and just chilled there for a while with andrew. after went home... so now i'm waiting until i have to go to work.fuck i'm gonna miss ribfest ]:oh oh oh and it's been at least two years since i met justin ahaha! but yah fuck im gonna miss ribfest!!!


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