today was absolutely boring. the one day i have off and i have no plans. well, i did make plans today but decided not to go. went to Harvey's and back home and fell asleep. when i woke, i went on the computer then youtube, watched joey diamonds video. i love his little version of the hills which is called diamond hills. i watched all 5 episodes and the special episode of him at work. his 3rd episode honestly made me cry. if you haven't watched it you should. watching his own little show, made me think of when Justin showed me team millennias version i think it was called thinking of you? and honestly by watching these makes me want to create my own reality show. gay, yes i know but it's so much better than the hills or lauguna beach. well once i get a camera, I'm so doing it. I even changed the song on my blog spot, which I heard on joey diamonds videos.

Also since today was so boring, i kept thinking of things i needed/had to do.
So i made a list and here it is.
  • pay for the special contact lenses ($80)
  • color my hair again ($70 - $80)
  • buy a bikini ($60 - $90)
  • go swimming
  • buy a camera ($300 - $500) (blogspot looks ugly without pictures)
  • stop spending money and save up more than ($500) impossible

so thats pretty much everything i need/have to do at the moment


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