mall rat much?

law exam... it was easy. after finishing the exam Andrew and I walked to SQ1 but before we got to SQ1 we found a wallet at a parking lot. And we rightfully returned it. Call me stupid if you want, but there was honestly nothing to take and karma's a bitch. So we brought it to the police station and then went straight to the food court to eat some taco bell. After eating we basically walked around and all i see is 50%SALE I'm in heaven. Urban behavior had a 50% sale and I bought 2 shorts and a top, then went home. I tried on the clothes and realized that the shorts didn't even fit. So my cousin Shayne and I went return it and go shopping all over again. This time I bought another pair of jeans from sirens and some other things. Probably my fifth pair of skinny jeans that I own. My cousin did her shopping as well and she brought me home. Today was alright, holy shit I'm a mall rat again GROSS! and tomorrow I'm going to fail math ]:


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