Happy Fathers Day !

Today`s Fathers Day and I basically didn't get my dad anything because I spent all my money on myself/other people. I feel bad but I'll make it up to my dad this week. Today was also PND @ Mississauga Valleys. I wanted to go just to spend time with my family but I had to work so it sucked. So being a bitch at work made alot of sense. And after explaining to my boss about it he left me leave half-n hour early. Which didn't make a difference. But whatevs.

Also yesterday Justin came over and we chilled. Went to SQ1 then walked back to my house then to pho and back to my house. Good day but eventually Justin had to leave and I had to go to my cousins. Since my cousins house was so boring i took a million pictures of myself with his camera.
Photo Credits to Justin > http://airjustin.blogspot.com/

part of my bedroom

my dog Jico

Sleepy head [:

this is what happens when i'm real bored


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