i officially hate driving at the moment

So yesterday I was suppose to sell me and Justin's sidekicks to this girl from st. catherines. Me and Justin both went through so much last minute complications all morning. All I cared about was selling the stupid sidekicks and getting a new phone at Pmall. Turns out the girl flopped on me and Justin. After all those stupid moments me and Justin had to face all for nothing. I was so mad and upset. Never doing business with people who live near Niagra Falls ever again. Eventually me and Justin got over it, instead we just cruised around. Speaking of cruising around we made so many trips to vaughan and mississauga.

1. I drove to vaughan to pick up Justin
2. Justin drove my car to Mississauga
3. Justin drove my car to Vaughan
4. I drove my car & Justin drove his car back to Mississauga
5. Dropped my car at home then got into Justin's car and he drove to Yorkdale
6. Justin drove back to Vaughan
7. Justin drove me back home > Mississauga
8. Then he drove home with Jayare back to Vaughan

I'd tired of the highway now. But yeah we went to Square one, Yorkdale and Wal-mart Superstore. Overall my day was good I got to spend a whole day with my boyfriend.

So once I got home - my friend Kim was telling me about all these things we have to do before college starts which kinda fucked me over big time. I have to do this CPR class for three days for like 9 hours. I also still have to take all these shots, I have to take I think three more trips to the doctors. And I have to have a police record check. Talk about bullshit. Oh yeah and I have to pay for parking as well which sucks ass cause it's like $700 per year. No money spending for me.

OH and I found out I passed my math class with 50%. Thank the Lord.



soo because of my best friend, i'm obsessed with korean singing groups and all i have to say is BIG BANG is so sexy. At first I used to think like 4 out of the five were ugly then they all got to me and now i think each of them are sexy beasts. especially the one whos voice is so deep and now i think tae yang is my least favorite cause he's soo simliar to every other guy out there but he's still hot. i'm also obsessed with this female korean group called 2ne1. they both did a collab with each other and OH EM GEE, they are fierce. AND I find it funny how I memorize all of these songs and I don't even understand.






happy birthday Canada!

Todays Canada day and I have nothing to do today. Other than do some spring cleaning.

A hour ago I got a phone call from random people saying that they have my dog. Yeah my dog ran away for a good 30 minutes and no one in my family noticed. I left him in the backyard and my mother opened the backyard door that leads to the neighborhood. My dog is small and my backyard is pretty huge and filled with garden things so it's pretty hard to find my dog on any occasion. Well I picked him up and he was acting all normal towards the people who found him. I was surprised - I would think that my dog would attack them but he didn't. But oh well he's safe and sound.

I also met my neighbour who is apparently good friends with my mom. She's been living in the neighbourhood for about a year now. And I only met her once on Halloween - her son is the cutest thing. They live right across from me. She's an English teacher and gets all these magazines for free. She gave me all these fashion magazines because she has no interests in them. She was nice, magazines were nice to.

Anyways a couple of days ago my mom came into my room telling me that I have to much clothes, thing was half of my clothes is in the trunk of my car and has been there since forever - I'm to lazy to bring it to goodwill. and 35% of my clothes were in the laundry when she told me that my closet was packed with clothes that I don't even wear anymore. And might I say it, I totally agree with my mom. I have zillions of clothes that I never wear anymore an it's just sitting in my closet. So i came to a conclusion and started to sell it on facebook on swap shop. And no I'm not selling clothes that I had for three years that just stay in my closet sitting there - that's going to goodwill. I'm actually selling clothes I recently purchased. I have an addiction for buying clothes and not even wearing them or just wearing it for a day or even an hour and why? I have no clue. Once I wear it I never want to wear it again. That's why it's going up for sale. I need to resolve my money spending problem.
Another reason I need to sell my clothes is because I can't save money - and I need money badly. I also need a new wardrobe - ever since I cut my hair like Keri Hilson's the clothes I used to wear just don't look good on me anymore.



finally I'm getting rid of my sidekick. not only did I get rid of mine but I got rid of my boyfriends to. I was sick of having a sidekick because everyone in the GTA was begining to get one themselves. I'm getting a new phone but I don't wanna say which phone because then everyone will think it's cool and get one themselves. But before I buy my phone I still owe Kim which I'll be paying her back tomorrow finally after all these months.

Other than that I've been sitting on my ass on the computer or sleeping at home. What a waste of a Saturday & Sunday. The only good parts is when Justin came to visit. Which was real thoughtful of him to come and see me. Even if it was for an hour or two.

I've been so paranoid lately - I would like to say that I graduated, but honestly I wouldn't know. I was doing so bad in my math class and I think I failed. But I don't have my report card so I'm waiting for it to come in the mail. If I fail, hello summerschool. If not than I don't care I don't need the grade, just the credit.

Summer is going to be hella boring. I'll be spending most my time with the boyfriend and probably Jade Kim and Jaye. Oh yes and work. Stupid work. My best friend is in Cali and I miss hte fucking shit out of him and he's not coming back till the end of august. Booo.

Canada day plans anyone?


pride weekend

lately i've been busy. i've been at work or with my boyfriend. nothing else. i'm pretty tired of blogspot and because my blog is hella ugly. this isn't one of my favorites and it bugs me alot. i'll make a new one when i'm not as lazy.

other than that i cut my hair super duper short. like keri hilson baby. alot of people say it makes me look more mature and that it suits me alot.

also it's pride weekend. on friday i spent my afternoon with boyfriend and jordan. then boyfriend left so we chilled with jade fez and ryan. jordan left. walked around church street at like 12AM. so many people it was pretty fun other than having the phone glued to my ear.

i'm so lazy i don't even like sitting down anymore. which is why i'll end my post.

re-edit @ 10:43PM

so my boyfriend came over for less than an hour. shortest time he has ever been at my house. but whatever i was bored. i was sick of my ugly layout so i made a new one and just when i finsihed is when justin came over. it was so unexpected to, my door to my room was left opened and all i see is my dog going crazy in front of the stairs, there and behold is justin. geeez.