knock you down

- yesterday was my uncles western jam
- went shopping with mamadukes but she tricked me
- ended up paying for things she was suppose to pay for
- i ended up with less than $20 in my bank once again
- tried contacting boyfriend plenty of times but he was to cool for me cause he was with gns
- had talks with mamadukes, she knows everything now except that i drive on the highway
- might upgrade form my sidekick id to an lx or 2008 model, in pink obviously
- & no pink is not my favorite color
- stayed home all day long on my boyfriends birthday
- c2 gns, i hate you all cause you stole him from me! lol
- started a choreo to what it is - sophia fresh & knock you down - keri hilson, ne-yo & kanye
- i like my "knock you down" choreo, reminds me of my boyfriend tehehe
- i miss danny nguyen
- jaye mad me mad because i wanted to put the knock you down video on my blog but is on his
- i wanan watch 17 again cause Zach efron is sexy in that movie
- but to bad i don't find him sexy in reality, major turn off he doesn't clean his ears
- western jam was sick, round illusionz are amazing!
- i'm addicted to sims2 and wii!
- i hate work fuck work !
- i want to go shopping some more! and continue buying my summer wardrobe!
- im failing math......


happy birthday babe

today is my boyfriend birthday today, sad thing is i won't be able to see him the whole day. this sucks ass. well, even though I'm upset that i won't be able to be with him, i still hope he has a great birthday with or without me. love ya babe. happy birthday!

other than that last night i went shopping at h&m to buy some "western" themed outfits for my uncles cowboy surprise party which is tonight. to bad it's not a surprise anymore - the party planner made things to obvious, so out of the blue he said it out loud "i already know about the surprise party" epic fail. Filipino moms can't pull off surprises cause they can't shut up and they are way to loud. anyways i got a really cute outfit for the party i just need some cowgirl shoes.

i also got a hair cut, i have a mullet. a nice funky Asian mullet that suites me perfectly fine.

&& I'm currently "testing waters" on my OG bred xi's because they don't fit me. too big. picture on boyfriend blog. http://airjustin.blogspot.com


march break prt.3

MARCH 21 2009
- picked up boyfriend from his house
- car was being gay
- can't use car until Monday
- but still used it anyways
- went to jack darling park with boyfriend
- driving on Mississauga road (mansions!)
- showed babe the "glass house"
- took pictures with boyfriend
- called danny to chill but ended up not chilling =[
- back to my house
- omgpop
- testing waters on my og bred xi's
- getting into trouble
- mommy drove justin home
- talks with cousin shayne and her boyfriend
- more pictures @ airjustin.blogspot.com

MARCH 22 2009
- work
- switched shifts with someone so i could get off early
- drove the ugly caravan
- bored and tired
- mad i'm not able to see my boyfriend on his birthday =[
- but going to uncles birthday which is the day of my boyfriends birthday instead
- im in love with wobz from tm & lydia paek from boxcutthuz


march break prt.2

updated my blog, not quite satisfied with it but at least it's better than my past layout. thanks to jaye for the idea kind of ish. march break has been so chill and mellow. worked today and i got off two hours early because the mall wasn't as busy. okay well march break went by quick, tomorrows gonna be fun - boyfriends coming over yay!


march break prt1

  • work work and more work
  • no more money period whatsoever
  • coming home way to late
  • movie in vaughan with jaye angela and boyfriend (slumdog millionaire)
  • dude from slumdog millionaire is fucking sexy
  • nights with co-workers
  • coraline 3-d with co-workers
  • role models movie with co-workers at kims
  • dannys first time
  • major headaches
  • crackhead
  • ballono
  • byebye h&m for now (march break)
  • melvins gay
  • cleaned room and became messy again
  • tired as fuck
  • dog won't shutup
  • i hate work more and more everyday
  • & work is fuuunay when your fucked
  • cousin gave birth to a beautiful babygirl
  • omg im a fucking auntie again
  • im tired
  • on the phone with boyfriend and hes not talking
  • bye


"oh hey"......zzzzzzz..!

today my best friend came to h&m when i was working. we ended up spending the day with each other. danny you made my day! went home got a couple of things, then best friends house eatting pizza, mad shopping and one mother fucking photoshoot in the cold. photo credits to danny nguyen once again <3 have fun tomorrow! && to my boyfriend & karl.... your photoshoot is noob compared to my and dannys =] you got pwned! ahahahah!



MARCH62009 - worked, i still find it immature how theres people my age/older than me who are still mall rats, grow the fuck up already. anyways went to cousin vanessa's house. chilled with brother, cousin shayne, her boyfriend paul, cousin vanessa and her boyfriend dan - unfortunatley once i got there my nephew was sleeping boooooo! anyways played video games. playing bloody roar, mortal kombat, street fighter etc. old school games.

MARCH72009 - slept all day. woke up took a shower then went to my cousins baby shower. she comes like three hours late to he own baby shower. had some real good talks with my cousin shayne as usual. then drove home early with my younger brother then boyfriend woke me up around 3AM and he falls alseep, gee thanks babe. oh yeah also played with my nephew.

MARCH82009 - daylight savings fuck you! work from 11 - 5. jade and kim came over after work and chilled. yay! boyfriend got his phone finally fixed! can't sleep right now. debabting if i should wait for geroge brown or just go to humber. i found out that humber north is closer to vaughan than george brown is. sooo hmmm.... but yah i'll think about it.



  • haven't been going to school much
  • h&m is bomb
  • having no money blows
  • threw away 60% of the clothes i never wear anymore
  • OMGPOP is addicting shit
  • new phone, sidekick ID
  • finally got txting
  • started paying for my cell phone
  • 'welcome to heartbreak' music video is insane! <3
  • new choreo is in progress

just to let you know. keep the stupid ring. its goodwill.


surprise prt.2

yet again jaye and i surprise my boyfriend. before i left i was learning single ladies 30% learned not bad. anyways went to his school, he wasn't as shocked as i thought he would been since his day was completely going off, stupid sidekick lx! watched his tag practice. talked angela.f and also wasn't formally introduced to the other angela but we drove her home with jayare after the practice, next time i'll introduce myself because someone *justin*. saw kae anne and angelyne as well. eventually jaye justin and i went to vaughan mills and ate. justin and jaye went book shopping. then jaye left us to go watch caroline. me and my boyfriend just walked around, went to go get his lx fixed. which doesn't make any sense because my sidekick is perfectly fine. but other than that boyfriend bought one of the sexiest jackets from h&m for himself. note to self to buy myself the jean overalls/white-grayish jacket at h&m for myself.

i honestly love surprising my boyfriend when he least expects the unexpected. oh how much i love my boyfriend so much he makes me happy. and these two mean alot to me too. danny nguyen best friend for life, i'll always understand you and you'll always understand me - i love how we're both the fucking same. and jaye cabreros like a big brother i should have had but didn't - being honest and giving me advice when i need it thanks. love you guys both!