school is in 2 days!

Today i went to driving school, Thank God today was my last day for in classes. Also my younger brother finally got his mo-hawk haircut. i think he looks cuter than ever. he looks like "shark boy" from the movie shark boy and lava girl (i don't know his name and i'm to lazy to search it up).

Yesterday I told my mom about me having a debut for my 18Th. Might i remind you I'm only 16 & my birthdays on November 19, I won't be turning 18 for another year. Anyways, so my mom really didn't like the idea until i told her it wouldn't be much of a hassle since i don't want a cotillion. All i want is a birthday at a hall, with 18 candles, a big beautiful cake and a customized dress designed by yours truly. I already started making my list of people to invite and my list of my 18 candles that i know for sure will be there. I honestly want to invite everyone i know. So if you really want to get invited you should tell me. [=


im beggin`

Saturday, went to driving school for two more sessions. two more session's tomorrow and I'm done in-class driving school. after Justin came over - bought some burger king for me and him. basically just stayed at my house. dropped him off at the bus stop and then went home. today was good, and summer overall - was so much better than last years.

oh yes, i love my song [:
heard it from super crew's original audition for abdc


driving school

..is hella mother fuck boring! to think i have to go there again - tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. tomorrow I'm working right after driving school until 9pm. and NO i am not going to Filipino day at wonderland, what a waste of time. anyways, Justin should be coming home tonight. I miss him. Speaking of Justin, i was so bored today that i was watching his videos on youtube, and i kept watching this one video especially and i paused the video and got this image below. i couldn't stop laughing.

To: Jaye and Jayare
*Sorry, I honestly couldn't help myself LOL


moneys a problem & dance is my happiness

people say I'm rich only because i have a "massive" shoe collection from what they know of, and because i work two jobs. well they're wrong. so what if i work two jobs, so what if i have more shoes than you. I'm just like everyone else i save up. i do have two jobs, but I'm still basically making the same amount when i used to have one job. if you know me well enough then you should know i pay for my phone bill, i paid for driving school, I'll be paying for airplane tickets to go to California in April of 2009, most likely be paying $16.50 every other week to see my boyfriend until i get a car, which I'd be paying insurance for. think I'm rich now? i have nothing to get for myself, which is real sad. i really wanted to get a laptop, a new camera, and even a new dog but i guess i can't anymore, i even asked my parents to buy me a new camera for my birthday&Christmas- no luck. I'm only 16 and I'm already doing everything for myself. I'm not even capable of saving money. i might as well quit one of my jobs or at least try to start saving up.

okay well anyways, i haven't danced in like maybe a week. i tried making my choreo to touch my body but i keep forgetting. i started taking dance serious again, because of watching my boyfriends videos and no my boyfriend did not get me into it - i've been dancing since grade four. i can't make choreos i swear i can only learn a dance and freestyle. I'm probably going to forget about making a choreo to touch my body and just make one to radar by Britney spears, since I'm like in love with that song. if i complete the choreo to this dance, I'll probably have a camera at the time and record it and post it up on you tube. so i think i should start right now.


i miss my boyfriend

my mom woke me up this morning, wondering if i was going to driving school, which im not - i start on Thursday. instead today i went back to school shopping. bought my backpack, pens, pencils, binders ect. i kind of got obsessed with my school supplies but o well. afterwards walked to jades house, then kims. basically stayed at kim's house the whole day. played some wii fit, walked to T&T, kim bought a couple of things so we could make shrimp rolls. walked back to kim's from T&T, made some shrimp rolls, and played some more wii. and then went home from there. boyfriend called me, which made me real happy, but when we had to get off the phone. gee, i miss my boyfriend.

school pickups
puma backpack

spc card

my pens, led pencils, highlighters ect.

this was just HALF of my school supplies O_o

shrimp rolls <3


So, today is like, ummm...two years!

Today was me and my boyfriends two years. He came over. He got me the bred xiii's and took me out for lunch at Swiss Chalet. Awww thanks babe. I'm real happy that it's our two years, the thing that i hate is how he's leaving for Chicago later on tonight. One week without my babe. Boo! Well anyways after spending most of my day with my babe, i spent the rest of the day with my mom. First Tim Horton's with her and then square one parking lot, so I could practice driving. I had real good talks with her, some good some bad and some disappointing. But today was good. Happy 24 months babe.

photo credits/more pictures @ airjustin.blogspot.com

boyfriend's food before

the aftermath


i'm not saying yes and im not saying no

yesterday, i spent my whole day with my boyfriend downtown. can you believe it was my first date with him after spending almost two years together. weird ahaha. ate Korean BBQ, thanks babe. afterwards went to urban outfitters, babe bought a hat - and i paid for half. walked around, tried looking for a backpack. couldn't find one which completely ruined my day. i ended up buying shorts and a sweater that i didn't really like, should've bought that Adidas track jacket. i also pigged out by eating taco villa and Mrs fields cookies. walked around some more. ran into a couple of people i knew. had a good day with the boyfriend.

@tuttie fruittie


talk about bad luck

the past two days have been full of shit. bad luck can you say? it starts off yesterday at my cousins house, making hot dog wienies in the oven - and burning my pointing finger on my right hand. it doesn't bother me as much anymore until i got to work. i work at a grocery store, so when i have to swipe those debit and credit cards, the edges of the cards basically keep touching my burnt finger and it feels like I'm getting cut over and over again. so, during break i sat on the second floor to call Justin, while i was trying to get a hold of him, my phone fell. fell on the first floor. so as i watch my phone fall onto the first floor, i ran quickly down the stairs - to find my phone in some lady's hands to give it to me. turns out my keypad ripped. and i already know I'm not going to bother getting it repaired, what the point? - might as well get a new phone. anyways, the phone on my lane didn't even work - so i had to keep bothering my co-workers, i don't think they minded though. but still what bad luck right? that's not even all that was "bad". after work i decided to go to Tim Horton's and buy some food, turns out they don't take debit. so i ended up getting a small ice cap and i didn't even pay for all of it, the dude working there felt bad for me. so I'm at home thinking what else could go wrong? well there's plenty more, my cousin Vanessa, her boyfriend Daniel with their son Daniel Jr. came to my house because Vanessa was gonna drive Daniel and Daniel Jr. to Daniel's house. since her car broke down, she used my moms car. and she tells me to come along since she doesn't wanna drive home alone by herself. so i tag along, we're almost at his house and were on the highway, the fucking car started being gay making weird noises. we pulled over. the car wasn't working. Daniel called some tow-truck guy, to come pick us up. one hour later he finally arrive. And now I'm home. geeez, talk about bad luck.


summers almost over

came home from work just now, and guess what? ahaha i was the most improved cashier at loblaws, and got myself a $25 gift card. random i know but still awesome. so eighteen more days of summer. and there's still so much to do. still have to go to driving school to get my G2 and quit my job at square one. anyways, i really don't want summer to end - but i'm getting excited only because of back-to-school shopping. i'm such a loser. this year will be my last and i hope things will be better than the last three. but hey my timetable is pretty good this year.



Sherkston, again

went to the dentist @ 12. went to square one and chilled with Justin. got paid then basically wasted all my money afterwards. went home afterwards. dropped Justin at the bus stop, right when i got home started packing then went to Sherkston. got there and watched a movie, forgot what it's called.

square one @ pj's pet centre

boyfriend & i

watched Harold and Kumar 2 while eating breakfast. after went swimming. and basically stayed at the cottage watching movies. watched wanted & the scorpion king 2. Also played the board game Life. me and my cousin Alec were so bored we made a bon fire.

woke up and watched the Olympics with all my cousins. then eventually went swimming again, well this time i just went in the hot tub. went back to the cottage played with my dog. i just realized that my dog bit me like five times this week. but anyways at 2:30 we left Sherkston cause it was real boring. got home at 3:30PM. went through my mom pictures and found out how much her camera sucks, so no picture from Sherkston will be posted.


pacific mall

yesterday i spent time with Justin, my cousin Shayne and her boyfriend Paul. first went to square one to pick up Justin, then Shayne and Paul picked us up afterwards. we went straight to pacific mall. Justin showed me the phone he wanted, which makes me want a phone now. i also fell in love with the PSP's. i want one now. after walking for a couple of hours, we went to AMC to watch the mummy.

photo credits to Justin (more photos are on Justin's blog spot)


oh daniel

today i spent time with my cousin Shayne. we went to square one and i only bought food, while she was shopping like crazy. afterwards we went to go visit our nephew Daniel. he's so much bigger than before. we took care of him since our uncle had to do some errands. so we watched Charlotte's web and then some other shows on tree house. then Shayne dropped me off home.

pictures of daniel - but these are old photos

new years

on halloween


the list

a boring day, yet again. work then home. slept for basically the whole day. woke up and checked my moms new camera. it sucks, but i have a feeling I'd be stealing it and taking pictures and using them for my blog, until i could buy myself my own camera. since today was so boring, i was looking through my wanted list on myspace. i basically got everything in the others/accessories/miscellaneous category excluding the camera. while looking through everything, i kind of thought of more things to add on to my list. and since hardly anyone looks at my myspace i gonna post it up right here. so here it is.

nikon or canon slr
new computer or laptop
more plain white t-shirts
some more jeans, even though I've got over twenty that i never wear
i want to re-do my whole entire bedroom (paint job, new bed, a better mirror, more organized closet etc.)
more circle lenses
backpack for school
get my nails done again
tongue pierced?
black shoes for work/school