fat ass

today was a typical day. work in the morning. went on a food court shopping spree. gay. yes i know. so this is what i got. manchuwok for my younger brother. taco bell for myself and my mother. and Charley's steakery for myself as well. oh yes and two 591ml bottles of fanta. I'm a fat ass.

yesterday, went to work then spent time with the boyfriend. also did a pick up at square one after work. got my Geo circled contact lenses. thanks Monica!

photo credits to Justin


home alone

yesterday, boyfriend came over. watched TV. walked to quizno's and bought food. bought something from pet cetera for my dog too. while walking home it was raining, pouring rain.. yeah we were soaked. cousin called me around 4 to ask if i wanted to chill. ended up having a double date and watching batman. then my cousins boyfriend drove my boyfriend home. and stayed home alone for the rest of the night.

today went to work. tired, tired, tired. thought i would be home alone again. turns out my brother was home today. weird.



went downtown with justin and jaye. walked around. jaye bought his chucks, bought levis for the boyfriend & bought my dad a nike shirt, nothing for me. ate korean bbq and a hot dog. walked around some more. saw a couple of people. saw some stupid puppet that scared me & jaye. chilled at two different urban outfitters for the longest time. next time i'm so shopping at urban outfitters. great day with the boyfriend and jaye. ahahah at jaye hugging the devil.


start saving

had no work today. basically stayed on the computer or i was neither sleeping. i did go to McDonald's with Andrew to go see Jade on her first day of work. Andrew gave me a mcflurrie since he owed me from so long ago. Jade went on her break, talked to her for bit then walked home. by the way congratulations to the boyfriend for finally getting a job, about time. anyways so tomorrow i get paid. wheeeeooo [:


speakerboxxx.... THE loveee below!

today was my first day actually doing cash at loblaws. i know i did good. yah and today im excited because my moms friend who owns a hair salon is coming to my house to cut my hair and color it. perfect [:
also today i was watching BET and i saw andre 3000's song "hey yah" and then i remembered the song roses. watched the video and couldn't stop laughing.

- "which one of you speakerbox's hit me in the love below?" LMAO


im gonna miss ribfest ]:

woke up at 8 this morning. got ready, drank some orange juice and at 9:25am i was out the door. walked to the bus stop, 3 minutes pass and the bus arrives. bussed all the way down to isslington station, got there at 10:00am. subwayed all the way to finch station and got there at exactly at 11:00am. so waited at the passenger pick up for an hour...and called justin. finally it's 12:00pm, and i meet up with the guy. so got the xi's. then missioned back home. got to sq1 and just chilled there for a while with andrew. after went home... so now i'm waiting until i have to go to work.fuck i'm gonna miss ribfest ]:oh oh oh and it's been at least two years since i met justin ahaha! but yah fuck im gonna miss ribfest!!!


first day @ loblaws

woke up. talked to the loser boyfriend [: had to go to work. cousin Shayne picked me up. went to work, non-stressing day at work for once. after work went home to just relax. two hours later go to my other work. went to work half n hour early cause he said 5 not 5:30. called up jade. her and Jeff came to loblaws to chill. chilled with them. had some real GOOD talks haha. work at loblaws was just basically boring. showing us around and watching another lame movie. but i honestly feel like im going to love it there. now back at home being bored. waiting for the Justin to call.


my day off

Justin came over, he missed the 10:30 bus so he had to take the 12:30 bus instead. walked to chapters and waited for him. he finally came. bought Starbucks for myself and him. looked at books. books are cool, and some books are just fucked up ahah. bused to my house. ate. played with my dog. went to pho. back to my house. Justin leaves. went to my cousins house for his birthday. his hamsters are so cute. he has nine hamsters, cause they were born like 2 months ago. they look exactly like my hamster chubbie who passed away. tear. so ya anyways they wanna get rid of them so if anyone wants one they're only five dollars. [:



i'm so busy that i can't make plans with anyone. having two jobs fucking blows but hey at least im making money right? but still fuck. mornings equals fastfood and nights at a grocery superstore. yeap thats my life now. and it blows. also congrats to jade for getting a job, her first pay minus the twenty she owes me. but back to me, F-mother F-ing shit. i hate this. at least im getting money right...money [= just think of it this way, i'll make twice as much as before, and then i could be rich rich rich. HAH thats if i don't spend any of it. note to self > save money!


sherkston shore

since no one really knew where i was for the past day and night, i was at my cousins cottage. not with my cousins but with just my family. so yesterday morning is where it pretty much started. woke up around 7am, called Justin, took a shower, gave my dog a shower, and loaded my bags in the car. i pretty much fell asleep in my room for another good hour and a half. around 9am or 10am i left to go to sherkston, but first ate breakfast at McDonald's. After being in the car for an hour and a half we finally got to sherkston. As soon as we got there we ran into the cottage and just looked around. two rooms, two parents, three kids and a dog. you do the math. plenty of board games, some power ranger movies and series and Nintendo 64 games, but that was just the cottage. take a three minute walk and your at the basketball court, skate park, tennis courts, mini golf and arcade. since my younger brother and i have been there before, we went swimming as soon as we got there. Even though my mom promised we'd go swimming at the lake or at the beach which were both on either ends of sherkston, we didn't end up going because after swimming at the swimming pool practically my family and i fell asleep for hours at the cottage and when we woke up we were to lazy to go. instead we just watched movies, played board games, eat freezes and sleep more. being the loner i am i walked basically everywhere by myself or with my dog. after being bored as hell, found the little storage place where they keep the bikes and stuff. so i biked around with my mom and my brothers. while biking with my mom she told me how she wanted to buy a cottage here. so i don't know about that. we also passed by the grocery store and bought a phone card with 635 minutes in it so i could call the boyfriend. used half of it but i still have plenty of minutes left which is basically useless now. anyways parents asked if i wanted to go to the carnival but really didn't feel like going so we just stayed at the cottage. except when we went to get pizza pizza. for the rest of the day we just watched Filipino movies and i also go to talk to Justin. the next morning which is today, we ate, cleaned up everything and left. cottage was so boring i wish more people were there, so it wouldn't have to be so boring. well I'm going back there in august so i have enough time to ask people to come.


happy 24th anniversary

today's my parents 24Th anniversary together. went to pho in meadowvale with my family excluding my younger brother since he was at my cousins. anyways tomorrow my family and i are going to the cottage tomorrow for my parents Anni. at first i didn't feel like going but after having a good conversation with my mom today i feel like going. she told me how we're gonna rent those golf cars so we could drive it everywhere, and how the beach is on one side and the swimming pool/arcade/mini golf and basketball courts are on the other side. i also felt weird when my mom asked me "what kind of drinks do you want?" cause i don't drink, but since this is an opportunity i have trust in my brother and my mother to pick for me. my mom also told me to buy a phone card so i could call you know who while i'm there but i don't know. anyways work in hour and a half.


just keep swimming, just keep swimming

today i went to wonderland with Justin, and saw Justin's friends Kevin and Jaye working. passed by to say hi then went to splash works and went swimming with Justin. finally i went swimming for the first time of the summer. after swimming we just sat down to dry off. and then we left wonderland and went to McDonald's. bought food then went to Jaye's house. chilled at Jaye's house for the rest of the day. watching avatar and having some talks with Jaye ahah ! Justin dropped me off at wonderland to catch the second last bus at 10:15PM then he took the taxi and left. pictures are on Justin's blogspot. another good day with him [:



today was absolutely boring. the one day i have off and i have no plans. well, i did make plans today but decided not to go. went to Harvey's and back home and fell asleep. when i woke, i went on the computer then youtube, watched joey diamonds video. i love his little version of the hills which is called diamond hills. i watched all 5 episodes and the special episode of him at work. his 3rd episode honestly made me cry. if you haven't watched it you should. watching his own little show, made me think of when Justin showed me team millennias version i think it was called thinking of you? and honestly by watching these makes me want to create my own reality show. gay, yes i know but it's so much better than the hills or lauguna beach. well once i get a camera, I'm so doing it. I even changed the song on my blog spot, which I heard on joey diamonds videos.

Also since today was so boring, i kept thinking of things i needed/had to do.
So i made a list and here it is.
  • pay for the special contact lenses ($80)
  • color my hair again ($70 - $80)
  • buy a bikini ($60 - $90)
  • go swimming
  • buy a camera ($300 - $500) (blogspot looks ugly without pictures)
  • stop spending money and save up more than ($500) impossible

so thats pretty much everything i need/have to do at the moment



basically today was a FULL day of work. slept at 2am and woke up around 9am to do my laundry. fell asleep for a good hour and a half. went on the computer for five minutes and got ready for work. caught the bus and went to work from 11:30am until 3pm. walked around the mall and met up with jersey and marcin. chilled and had some talks. jade came so i left marcin and jersey. went to jean machine and spent $84 on another pair of big seven jeans. fuck shoes, i love jeans. i'm joking about the shoes part but yeah i realized that i have so many jeans! jeeez im obsessed. went home around 5:20pm. then from there i got ready for orientation at my new work. went to loblaws and met my boss, seems nice. a boring orientation of just watching stupid videos. and by the way did i men chin my co-worker that used to work at my other job NOW works with me again but at loblaws. weird.


Another day with Justin

where do I even start? Woke up three hours earlier than usual, and cleaned my room. Got ready and walked to SQ1 for work. Jade came to visit and hand in her resume. Right when I finsihed work, Called Justin to figure out where he was. Turns out he was at terminal already. Walked towards Zellars saw Andrew and his friends. Talked to them for a bit, then saw Justin with his I"HEART"TM shirt. Basically walked around with him bought him and myself taco bell. Then called my mother to pick us up. Chilled at my house for the rest of the day until Justin had to go home. Good day!


bike ride

this morning I was real tired. cousin Shayne called me to ask if I wanted to have lunch with her around 4PM. Then went back to sleep after she called. An hour later Justin calls me and wakes me up. pretty much watched tv and went on the computer. So it's 4 and I'm dressed up and ready to go to pho with my cousin. Had some good talks, as always. After we ate, she drove me to SQ1 for work, long day at work then went home. Got a phone call from Jade and went out with her. pretty much just went bike riding. And back home. Bike riding in the middle of the night is so relaxing. Got to do it more often.