sherkston shore

since no one really knew where i was for the past day and night, i was at my cousins cottage. not with my cousins but with just my family. so yesterday morning is where it pretty much started. woke up around 7am, called Justin, took a shower, gave my dog a shower, and loaded my bags in the car. i pretty much fell asleep in my room for another good hour and a half. around 9am or 10am i left to go to sherkston, but first ate breakfast at McDonald's. After being in the car for an hour and a half we finally got to sherkston. As soon as we got there we ran into the cottage and just looked around. two rooms, two parents, three kids and a dog. you do the math. plenty of board games, some power ranger movies and series and Nintendo 64 games, but that was just the cottage. take a three minute walk and your at the basketball court, skate park, tennis courts, mini golf and arcade. since my younger brother and i have been there before, we went swimming as soon as we got there. Even though my mom promised we'd go swimming at the lake or at the beach which were both on either ends of sherkston, we didn't end up going because after swimming at the swimming pool practically my family and i fell asleep for hours at the cottage and when we woke up we were to lazy to go. instead we just watched movies, played board games, eat freezes and sleep more. being the loner i am i walked basically everywhere by myself or with my dog. after being bored as hell, found the little storage place where they keep the bikes and stuff. so i biked around with my mom and my brothers. while biking with my mom she told me how she wanted to buy a cottage here. so i don't know about that. we also passed by the grocery store and bought a phone card with 635 minutes in it so i could call the boyfriend. used half of it but i still have plenty of minutes left which is basically useless now. anyways parents asked if i wanted to go to the carnival but really didn't feel like going so we just stayed at the cottage. except when we went to get pizza pizza. for the rest of the day we just watched Filipino movies and i also go to talk to Justin. the next morning which is today, we ate, cleaned up everything and left. cottage was so boring i wish more people were there, so it wouldn't have to be so boring. well I'm going back there in august so i have enough time to ask people to come.


Blogger Jaye said...

im coming august

July 9, 2008 at 10:42 PM  

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