Boring Saturday

So today was real boring. cleaned my room this morning and now it's messy again. went to some wedding after party. pretty lame and I only stayed there for about half an hour then went back home. Told my cousin Kenneth to come over and bring his camera. I basically became a camera-hoe as you can see on my banner. My banner didn't come out the way I wanted it to be because of the sun, everytime I would change my clothes the sun would set. And the camera dude (Kenneth) kept changing angles. I'll redo it again but for now on that's all I could do, I tried making it funky looking but it still looks kinda gross. But hey I'm satisfied with it. I also took pictures of my dog Jico whom everyone hates excluding Justin and I think Jade. Anyways after updating I got bored with my blog and updated it. I watched a bit of Teenage mutant ninja turtles with my cousin then went to Harvey's with my cousin and then came back home. Pretty boring day.

My cutie Patootie

ahahahahahahha! stupid chink.

my brother playing xbox360, as usual

my cousin



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