less than a dollar

So today was kinda weird. Walked my ass to SQ1 in the heat wearing jeans and a cardigan - boy was I stupid. Had to go get a direct deposit sheet at TD bank because I got another job at loblaws superstore. And the best thing about it is I get paid every week whoooohooo! I'm still debating weather or not I should quit my other job. Okay well anyways, I also went to UB to get some business taken care of. Turns out they don't give refunds they only do exchanges. I got so mad cause I had to buy my brother his stupid Microsoft points for his xbox 360. So since I have absolutely no money in my debit card I decided to use my UB credit at UB since I couldn't use it anywhere else. While I was there I ran into someone who my friend knew and she was going to buy something. So I asked her to take my 22 dollars worth of UB credit in exchange for a 20. And she accepted. Thanks to whatever her name was. As soon as I got the money I ran my ass to Zellars and bought my kid brother his Microsoft points. Then I walked back home... and did I men chin it got much hotter outside. After getting home and giving my brother his xbox thingy, I just ran into my room disappointed that I have less than a dollar in my debit card. And since there was nothing to do I decided that I should go to sleep. Then my brother runs into my room and says "Is this yours?" and hes holding two boxes. And it was my new cell phone. Geeez after doing something good..something good happened to me. So bye bye broken screen phone and HELLLO samsung SGH-E747. eww I'm such a loser [:


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