happy 24th anniversary

today's my parents 24Th anniversary together. went to pho in meadowvale with my family excluding my younger brother since he was at my cousins. anyways tomorrow my family and i are going to the cottage tomorrow for my parents Anni. at first i didn't feel like going but after having a good conversation with my mom today i feel like going. she told me how we're gonna rent those golf cars so we could drive it everywhere, and how the beach is on one side and the swimming pool/arcade/mini golf and basketball courts are on the other side. i also felt weird when my mom asked me "what kind of drinks do you want?" cause i don't drink, but since this is an opportunity i have trust in my brother and my mother to pick for me. my mom also told me to buy a phone card so i could call you know who while i'm there but i don't know. anyways work in hour and a half.


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