COAD | Confessions Of A Dancer @ MPAA Performance 2009

yesterdays first performance went so bad hahaha! most of us forgot the moves. second performance was so much fun despite the fact we messed up transitions on our last dance and my pose from the beginning ahah how embarrassing. COAD | Confessions Of A Dancer <3 Love you guys. After performance partied it up at johndominics house with johnmodia, biju, rina, jade, and renz.

john dominic martillano (white)
rina marie figs (turquoise blue)
biju brian kumar (green)
jasmine ann soriano (yellow)


my heart broke into a million pieces

so i bought a dog a couple of days ago, my parents refused to keep her. long story short - other friend bought her but his parents said no as well. so she's up for grabs for a price ofcourse. if anyones interested please contact me via facebook.

dance practice all week.
preformance on january 31st @ lorene park MPAA opening @ 9:00AM
photo creds to danny nguyen



yesterday was alright. woke up got ready picked up danny then picked up biju. chilled at bijus for a bit and took his choocolate - biju i'll buy you a new one i promise - danny ironed his fannel shirt. went to td bank which is right beside danny house. went to the gas station - filled up my tank and drove to johns to pick him up. from there went to kipling station and subwayed to eatons. from there just ate and went to gns. ians choreo was soo nice as usual but again i never dance there so yeah. spent my whole day basically talking to jordan and jayare! funnny i love them both. danny kept being a creeeeper with his glasses. class ended early, danny took some pictures, my doggie was in the select group and killed it, love ya john! walked to eatons with everyone who was with us. had funny conversations and talks with kristine, kristine i know your going to read this and i wanted to say i love you and i miss you! chilled with them eventually left and drove to johns house for some dance practice, taught the begining of 'can't believe it' to biju and danny - don't worry guys i'll teach you the rest and the yaaa dropped them off home and got home and talked to boyfriend and slept. by the way, happy 29 months babe (for yesterday)and and and i love biju john and danny!


i skip school way to much ahah

i know i don't update as much anymore but it's because i've been stressing out alot. exams are all this week and next. i only have exams on thursday monday and tuesday. so no school today, wednesday, friday, next wednesday and thursday. so i'm going recap everything from sunday.

JANUARY18 suppose to go to work that day, but I had to go downtown for a bridesmaid fitting for my cousins wedding. decided to go at 9AM and get fit early then be back on time for work at 11AM. when we got there the guy said they don't open until 11 which pissed me off so much. so i called kim and she took my shift thanks. afterwards ended up going shopping and spending only less than $20 on 2 pairs of jeans and leggings. i must go back! and buy some blue and red jeans! hello sexy zipper jeans and purple jeans =]

JANUARY19 skipped school cause school is gay and exams are this week. went to dixie mall with jade kim and alisha. had my obsession with shoes again but not sneakers, heels. yeaaap. i'm in love with heels now. tried finding a dress but they didn't have my size so that sucked. afterwards went to square one and bought things for myself. and got some hair things cause alisha colored my underdye blonde since my mom screwed it the last time. after that brought kim to work - alisha home and went to johns for dance practice. made a reaction video that jaye, justin and jayare did. lmao funny. and i cut my bangs straight thanks john and rina for cutting it for me. and thank alisha for coloring my orange into blonde! did a bit of practice but i couldnt focus then just went home.

any f.y.i if anyone wanted to know what happened to that puppy i was going to get, someone else bought it before me so the seller couldnt refuse to sell him. i was hella sad and yeah bguys i cried lmao! but it's ok i guess i'll get a dog another time - plus im thinking of getting a blackberry bold. and i feel like changing my layout for this blog anyways i'll write more later.



2009 isn't what i thought it was going to be. for the first time in my life i am actually to busy to do anything. which really pisses me off, now i wanna get an blackberry/iphone so i can fix me up a schedule and actually keep track.

and I'm sick of driving people places especially at this time of year only cause it's fucking cold and i wont have money for gas cause of my future dog that i will be having in a couple of days. Like people need to understand to stop txting/calling me for drives, to stop expecting me to drive you home/places whether you are a close friend or not, and this especially goes out to those people who call me at like 11PM - 3AM in the morning who want me to drive them somewhere even when we aren't going to chill. My only exceptions to driving anyone anywhere is if i offer or you pay me back by buying me gas. I don't care who you are everything changes today.



i finally got to spend time with my boyfriend one on one, after what 3 weeks? i was suppose to pick him up at Kipling station but his daddy drove him to my house instead. had so much fun yesterday, going to pho, buying my boyfriend another hat that cost $78, eating crepes but the worst part about the day were two things, driving in the snow - i honestly feel like i'm going to crash and die and it sucked how my tongue wasn't even healed - so i could hardly eat anything but then again im still in the process of teaching myself how to eat. anyways called up Andrew and he drove my boyfriend to yorkdale. afterwards got home way to early that we went to heartland and we went shopping at pets mart for my doggie. bought him nail clippers since someone in my family misplaced it somewhere. other than that i want another dog. i saw a cute 3/4 chihuahua & 1/4 yorkie up for sale. if it's still up by the time i get enough money for it, i'm hoping/willing to buy it. anyways work in an hour and a half.



ok so i haven't really updated in a while. I've been busy - applying for colleges, focusing on school and working. I've just recently got my tounge pierced without my parents knowing but it's whatevs if they find out - they'll find out. Oh and thank you jeff for piercing my tounge on such short notice. I'm not really into making this blog so if i'm in the mood later on i'll continue.



Orginally planned on not to go to GNS because I had work but after talking to Jaye decided to go anyway. Called in sick for work. Talked to Danny - Got ready - Picked him up at his house and drove to Kipling sation. Fuck my life I didn't know where to park. Eventually found a parking spot paid $5.00. Subwayed to Eatons with Dan-Dan, ate some taco vila mmmmm... then went off shopping. wanted to buy half cabs but they didnt have my size and creative recs but they didnt have the ones i wanted. Also wanted to buy alot of things at American Apparel but just didn't. Danny bought a fanny pack and a headband aww cute. waited and called Jaye but never picked up. I ditched Jaye, IM SORRY. Went to GNS - while me and Danny were going to Gns at the subway we ran up the wrong stairs and we were so excited to get there once up the stairs were just like, where the hell are we it so funny. Once i got to GNS i called up Jaye. Then Jaye 3-wayed Kristine and stayed on the phone with them until Kristine got to GNS. Just chilled there for the most part and meeting new people, going to the convience store to buy my boyfriend his water. Eventually Jaye comes and me and Jayare had some funny/good talks about relationships. Took some pictures also. Eventually GNS had to come to an end. So from there had good talks to Kristine, Jaye and Danny. Got the the bus to eat with everyone. But last minute some of us just decided to go to Korean B.B.Q instead. Oh yeah and some dude at GNS looked like my boyfriend ahahaha. which kind of scared me a little but anyways went to Korean B.B.Q - ate there. once we were done we subwayed back to Kipling but parted from Jaye Jayare and Justin. So me and Danny went all the way to Kipling. To find out that my car was dead. I left the lights on - stupid me. So we asked people to help. I love brown/white people now. They helped us get out. Thank you God. Drove Danny home - scared shitless my parents were going to kill me. But they didn't they just took my keys and said they didn't like the time I got home which was 1AM. Talked to Justin on the phone for a couple of minutes then fell asleep. Had retarded dreams to last night to. oh and Andrew Bautista.... you never said Bye =[ and F.Y.I Last picture is mine ahaah

Photo Creds to Danny Nguyen.


Worst begining of a New year

Happy new years everyone. the very first day of January 2009 and guess what i do ? I go to Vaughan Mills to visit my boyfriend - thanks to Jaye of course by giving me the idea and Andrew for great timing of what to do today. Andrew drove my car to Vaughan, got lost cause he didn't make that turn. Called Kae Anne to tell me how to get there. Thanks love if you are reading this. Got there went to visit Jaye first, he wasn't there so went to Gap and there was my boyfriend. He got off early even though he didn't have to cause i didn't ask or imply. met chesca in person and chilled with her phan boyfriend and Andrew. went to Nike to see Jaye. Basically just chilled there and then we all drove back to Mississauga just to eat McDonald's excluding Jaye. Ate and talked for about an hour then we all split up.
Honestly I had a fun day, but I thought it could have been better. I went home and tried helping my mom out with her e-mails but I didn't even understand the problem so we ended up getting into an argument but this time I didn't say anything to her. She ended up crying cause I had nothing to say to her. One second she tells me to stop yelling at her, the next she wants me to. I don't understand my mom at all. I feel bad I really do but it ruined my day. Urgh fuck my life.

My Christmas eve was alright, spent time with the family but before that went to applebee's with all of my co-workers. It was fun and I didn't have to pay a cent. Right after that went to my cousins house. And that's when I got mad - I saw my cousin holding a Nikon D-90. Fucker.. Kidding I love her but I was so pissed. She got a Nikon D-90. I thought she was going to get the Canon Rebel but last minute she changed her mind. My mom saw the camera and she knew I was mad - which made so much sense why she was talking to me about nikon slrs this morning. She knew I wanted one since forever. And I told her my cousin was probably going to get one before me. So I'm guessing she knows I was really pissed and tried to make me feel better by telling me to buy one. But I highly doubt I'll be getting one anytime soon because slr's are hella expensive - and i already have to buy Justin's sidekick. for everyone information by the way, I am not getting a sidekick anymore - I need money that has to be saved. No More spending money. Life sucks.