i skip school way to much ahah

i know i don't update as much anymore but it's because i've been stressing out alot. exams are all this week and next. i only have exams on thursday monday and tuesday. so no school today, wednesday, friday, next wednesday and thursday. so i'm going recap everything from sunday.

JANUARY18 suppose to go to work that day, but I had to go downtown for a bridesmaid fitting for my cousins wedding. decided to go at 9AM and get fit early then be back on time for work at 11AM. when we got there the guy said they don't open until 11 which pissed me off so much. so i called kim and she took my shift thanks. afterwards ended up going shopping and spending only less than $20 on 2 pairs of jeans and leggings. i must go back! and buy some blue and red jeans! hello sexy zipper jeans and purple jeans =]

JANUARY19 skipped school cause school is gay and exams are this week. went to dixie mall with jade kim and alisha. had my obsession with shoes again but not sneakers, heels. yeaaap. i'm in love with heels now. tried finding a dress but they didn't have my size so that sucked. afterwards went to square one and bought things for myself. and got some hair things cause alisha colored my underdye blonde since my mom screwed it the last time. after that brought kim to work - alisha home and went to johns for dance practice. made a reaction video that jaye, justin and jayare did. lmao funny. and i cut my bangs straight thanks john and rina for cutting it for me. and thank alisha for coloring my orange into blonde! did a bit of practice but i couldnt focus then just went home.

any f.y.i if anyone wanted to know what happened to that puppy i was going to get, someone else bought it before me so the seller couldnt refuse to sell him. i was hella sad and yeah bguys i cried lmao! but it's ok i guess i'll get a dog another time - plus im thinking of getting a blackberry bold. and i feel like changing my layout for this blog anyways i'll write more later.


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