Christmas Week

DECEMBER 24 Christmas Eve, went last minute shopping with my older brother, Joven. Bought couple of things ran into Jade and Kim. Bought a top from Sirens for the fam jam at my house that night. Nothing much happened that night other than getting presents.

DECEMBER 25 Christmas day, got presents - alot of money, socks, pajamas, things for my car, chocolate, circus cd from my older brother, five cents from my younger brother, and some purfume. pretty satisfied with my presents. Later that day went to cousins then got into a fight with my mother. so i left. slept and that was Christmas.

DECEMBER 26 Boxing day. Woke up extra early. drove joven to work and went shopping. Met up with rina and her sister, and her sisters boyfriends sister. bought some checkered shirt from sirens for our preformance on january 31st. also bought a new pair of shoes. staye wit rina until i had to go to work. eventually went to work and worked. i was only suppose to work from 11AM until 3PM but since it was so packed my boss made me stay until 6:30PM. Afterwards chilled with Andrew.


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