snow day

yesterday was so shit, only because of the weather - snow everywhere, in the sky - on the ground - and in my socks. Danny Nguyen came over and we waited for the bus. when i called it said it would be there in 4 minutes. it actually came in like half n hour - but we didn't pay to get on the bus we got on for free. so instead of a 40 minutes bus ride to isslington it actually took one full hour basically. subways were fine. got to sherbourne at 3ish and waited for Justin and Andrew until 4:30. which made me really mad - all i have to say was Andrew you ruined my day right there ahahah! - kidding. then once we got there i got so mad because of this one particular person. pissed me off the whole day but anyways saw Kristine - aww i love her shes so cute. i met her brother as well and talked to them for most of the day. took some pictures but i think Danny deleted them. anyways the class ended at 6pm. and everyone walked to the bus stop - unfortunately i was still mad over this person and they made things worse which made me not want to go in the bus. so Justin stayed be hide while everyone else went on the bus. i don't want to go into detail about it so i'll skip that part and move on to the hot chocolate. it was good but i was tired of holding it everywhere so i threw it out. me and Justin subwayed/bussed to meet up with everyone again. in between that time i had to take a piss so badly i swear to God i was about to pee in my pants lmao! found the nearest washroom and then back to missioning. eventually found the place. talked to Danny. loafted there for a good hour or so. went back to eatons and loafted thee as well. i eventually left with Danny and got lost cause we weren't paying attention to where we were going. from there Danny came over and my mom gave him a lift home. so overall today was good except for the beginning - i met more people today. pictures below. credits to Danny Nguyen .


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