hi its my birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! =] i'm officialy seventeen years old as of today, NOV19. anywhoo today was a great birthday. why? because first my boyfriend was the first to say happy birthday then alisha then alife and then john.. i forgot everyone else to. today my test got cancelled for religion, in bodyworks class we did hot yoga - and if you dont what hot yoga is - its when your in a room that is stemaing hot and you do yoga, it was so cool until i got real tired and just got to lazy also after school i went to gateway to take ron's dance class and everyone was there. TRIPLE J.R, danny nguyen, sherry, jeff, julian, camille ect. took enough pictures with danny - also learned some nice choreo that i actually got into. eventually im left at home. was suppose to go to my cousins house but since they didnt pick me up and my mom picked me up i shouldnt even bother going to thier house even though i really wanted to. oh yeah also rina stole the whole pocky case from the sushi store during lunch it was fucking hilarious. thanks for the pocky love. anyways if anyone wants to know what i got for my birthday, my boyfriend got me shoes - my parents bought me a car plus money and now i think i'll be getting a nikon d-80, yeah d-80 not d-40, but a d-80. i have a car i dont have my licsence yet but im getting it tomorrow - hopefully. i am praying that the weather would be so much tomorrow.

all photo credits to danny nguyen !

my eyes are so trippy


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