happy early 50th birthday dad

yesterday it was my dad's 50th birthday jam. thinking it would be flop and boring it actually was pretty fun. my boyfriend came, and so did rina, john and mia. in the beginning john rina and i were just practicing our dance since we were preforming then it came so we preformed - i messed up so many times and it was pretty jokes since throughout the whole dance we were all laughing. after that me and justin walked around square one and took boothies then went back. john and mia left, so me justin and rina just sat in front of the bay and we were taking pictures and making videos. eventually rina left and justin stayed longer than i thought, which was a good thing but then he did leave. so i just sat down at the party an caught up with Anna and chilled with her for the rest of the night. afterwards i got to drive home in my car =]

cake i made for the boyfriend (rina helped) - came out ugly but taste good

rina lol

boyfriend and i



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