i just realized how bad i am at dancing...because my boyfriend told me so, but it's okay he thinks he's Jeff viray - which i find really cute. Triple J.R webisode #4.

anyways for once in my LIFE i have a day off. I'm coloring my hair today, cleaning my closet, and picking up my certificate for driving. I doubt I'll be getting it by november probably in December. Fuck my Life. anyways I should get ready now.

ran some errans with my mother. picked up my certificate for my G2 and I booked my appointment which will be on November 20 - the day after my birthday. I'm so happy, but I better pass that shit. after that went to loblaws and bought couple of things, then to chinese place to buy more things. after went to cousins to discuss my fathers birthday. I also invited triple J.R over since we need to practice. around 3 - 4 PM and they'll be over but before that I need to color my hair.


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