break`n dishes

i haven't updated in so long - yesterday after school we had a triplej.r practice at johns house once again. john taught rina and i our female choreo to breakin` dishes by rhianna. i love this choreo and if you were at john's house you'd hear me say it 24/7. we have another practice on friday and we learn tortilla chips choreo by john dominic and tutting by the other john.
on the other hand i found out my mom will help me buy my d40 once i have half saved. i could get it next weekend but i'm still debating since i have to buy a white dress for my dad's 50th plus his birthday gift but i'd honestly love it if i do get a d40 so i could be taking pictures with it at my dad's 50th. maybe i should just tell my mom to buy it now and i'll pay her back after the party? i don't know. i need to start walking to school.
oh yes btw, triplej.r webisode#2

& also look out for my new layout i will be creating for blogspot =]


Blogger klaudinenicole said...

uhm, yeah tell your mom that.
besides, my dad paid for it when we got it. but he wasnt paying half of it or some sort. i paid him full price . eek.

now i gotta save up for the lenses. fucking expensive. haha. if i were you. get the 18-200mm lens with it. it'll be so much better. but it would be too expensive :/

October 9, 2008 at 5:43 PM  

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