it's four in the morning..

and i can't go to fucking sleep - i woke up around 3:30ish and at four i decided to go on the computer since i didn't use the computer last night. it's almost five - i am going to be tired at school today for sure. I'd call my boyfriend but he needs his rest and even if i do call him he'd fall asleep on me for sure but it's ok I'm watching ace of cakes and i love it, if someone buys me a cake from there just for me I'll love you forever.
so I'm basically not working today and I'm deciding if i should actually get to coloring my hair today. I'm choosing from coloring my hair jet black then getting peek-a-boos of very light blonde and also coloring behind my front bangs to be blonde as well and maybe just a tint of pink in my peek-a-boos oh yes and a bit more layers on the top or I'm coloring my hair orange-brown with pink peek-a-boos. I've been thinking about it this whole day and night and that's basically what i want. One of the two, I'm diggin the brown with pink since i've never done it before and my hair has always been dark so i guess it's a surprise i know what i want and i can just do the other one another time. My only problem i don't know how much money i have i blew a $100 basically last week on a hoodie and going downtown with my boyfriend and i want to get my hair professionally done or at least someone who can cut and color good - i know this one person but i'm not quite sure. anyways i'm getting tired i'll write more later on.


so it was pouring rain this morning - and i hell was not going to walk to school. i got a drive by my favorite Godbrother. so school was a piss off, i don't need to explain myself. i fight happened at school. i wasn't surprised this year theres been a lot of nonsense. religion class was so chill except for the fact that my best friend kept bothering me by throwing things at me and pulling my hair. he pulled my ponytail off so my hair was messy and i got real mad. so i took his psp until he gave back my ponytail which was right after school. and right after school i watched the jr. boys volleyball team play - they are so boring. had a little fight session with Jade which was pretty funny, i got to kick her ass in front of the teachers. but anyways i wanted to stay for the senior game to watch my best friend play but i couldn't cause i didn't want to watch the game alone. so my mom picked me up, and we went to office depot near my house. we were printing invitations for my dad's 50th birthday. holy shit my dad is so old. while we were waiting my mom and i were looking at the laptops - and the first thing my mom says is she wants a laptop for her birthday. what the fuck? she doesn't even know how to use it she expects me to save around one grand just for her yeah right. after that conversation i told her about the nikon d-40 once again and to finalize it i am getting one for sure, for my birthday/Christmas but the catch is i have to pay for some of it but i don't mind. i just hope i don't spend any money lately. I've been so fed up with anything that has to do with money. bye bye debit card - i have to put you away. so for everyone who is reading this - my next pay cheque will be for my hair and my contacts once they come in also speaking behalf of my hair i made my decision so you'll have to wait and see - so yeah guys don't let me spend any money on myself or for anyone else and yes that means you JUSTIN cause i always buy you things. the less money i have the longer you'll have to wait for your shoes. so yeah that's it.


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