goetz a java

goetz a java this year with john? i pretty much have not tried out for goetz a java through out my 3 years of being at goetz. since it's my last year I've decided to yes, try out with john Rina and that other john guy whom i don't know yet but seen around school. Anyways i was real stressed out from work yesterday and my mom and dad didn't even check out the car i wanted cause they are both idiots. they can't put aside their problems for just one little favor i ask. just to check out the car. honestly if i didn't have to go to work yesterday they probably would have gone and i would probably would have went with them. and yes i am mad at both of my parents right now.


Blogger lovealways,rina said...

yeah man ! lets do it ;) i asked john mondia and he said yeah hes down (y)

September 17, 2008 at 4:18 PM  

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