first day of school

woke up extra early only to wake up my younger brother, guess he was excited to show off his Mohawk? anyways so i dressed up and went to school. Alisha calls me and asks where i was, i wasn't even at school yet. i ended up meeting up with her. i have no homeroom, so i spend my spare with John, Trisha, Renz etc. afterwards went to my second period, English. and guess who's there Jade and Kim. Finally a class with two of my family friends. I have a feeling my English class is going to be hard for me to focus in, since i sit beside jade. next period i have lunch. and right after that i have religion with my favorite religion teacher, Adamson! I have that class Ulysses, James, Tamara and a lot more people. Then I have body works, with the same teacher as last year with the same people in my class as last year, kind of. when school was over i went home. And Yes i walked home since i don't have my G2 yet, but soon I will hopefully. Fell asleep for the rest of the day.


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