school is in 2 days!

Today i went to driving school, Thank God today was my last day for in classes. Also my younger brother finally got his mo-hawk haircut. i think he looks cuter than ever. he looks like "shark boy" from the movie shark boy and lava girl (i don't know his name and i'm to lazy to search it up).

Yesterday I told my mom about me having a debut for my 18Th. Might i remind you I'm only 16 & my birthdays on November 19, I won't be turning 18 for another year. Anyways, so my mom really didn't like the idea until i told her it wouldn't be much of a hassle since i don't want a cotillion. All i want is a birthday at a hall, with 18 candles, a big beautiful cake and a customized dress designed by yours truly. I already started making my list of people to invite and my list of my 18 candles that i know for sure will be there. I honestly want to invite everyone i know. So if you really want to get invited you should tell me. [=


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