moneys a problem & dance is my happiness

people say I'm rich only because i have a "massive" shoe collection from what they know of, and because i work two jobs. well they're wrong. so what if i work two jobs, so what if i have more shoes than you. I'm just like everyone else i save up. i do have two jobs, but I'm still basically making the same amount when i used to have one job. if you know me well enough then you should know i pay for my phone bill, i paid for driving school, I'll be paying for airplane tickets to go to California in April of 2009, most likely be paying $16.50 every other week to see my boyfriend until i get a car, which I'd be paying insurance for. think I'm rich now? i have nothing to get for myself, which is real sad. i really wanted to get a laptop, a new camera, and even a new dog but i guess i can't anymore, i even asked my parents to buy me a new camera for my birthday&Christmas- no luck. I'm only 16 and I'm already doing everything for myself. I'm not even capable of saving money. i might as well quit one of my jobs or at least try to start saving up.

okay well anyways, i haven't danced in like maybe a week. i tried making my choreo to touch my body but i keep forgetting. i started taking dance serious again, because of watching my boyfriends videos and no my boyfriend did not get me into it - i've been dancing since grade four. i can't make choreos i swear i can only learn a dance and freestyle. I'm probably going to forget about making a choreo to touch my body and just make one to radar by Britney spears, since I'm like in love with that song. if i complete the choreo to this dance, I'll probably have a camera at the time and record it and post it up on you tube. so i think i should start right now.


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