talk about bad luck

the past two days have been full of shit. bad luck can you say? it starts off yesterday at my cousins house, making hot dog wienies in the oven - and burning my pointing finger on my right hand. it doesn't bother me as much anymore until i got to work. i work at a grocery store, so when i have to swipe those debit and credit cards, the edges of the cards basically keep touching my burnt finger and it feels like I'm getting cut over and over again. so, during break i sat on the second floor to call Justin, while i was trying to get a hold of him, my phone fell. fell on the first floor. so as i watch my phone fall onto the first floor, i ran quickly down the stairs - to find my phone in some lady's hands to give it to me. turns out my keypad ripped. and i already know I'm not going to bother getting it repaired, what the point? - might as well get a new phone. anyways, the phone on my lane didn't even work - so i had to keep bothering my co-workers, i don't think they minded though. but still what bad luck right? that's not even all that was "bad". after work i decided to go to Tim Horton's and buy some food, turns out they don't take debit. so i ended up getting a small ice cap and i didn't even pay for all of it, the dude working there felt bad for me. so I'm at home thinking what else could go wrong? well there's plenty more, my cousin Vanessa, her boyfriend Daniel with their son Daniel Jr. came to my house because Vanessa was gonna drive Daniel and Daniel Jr. to Daniel's house. since her car broke down, she used my moms car. and she tells me to come along since she doesn't wanna drive home alone by herself. so i tag along, we're almost at his house and were on the highway, the fucking car started being gay making weird noises. we pulled over. the car wasn't working. Daniel called some tow-truck guy, to come pick us up. one hour later he finally arrive. And now I'm home. geeez, talk about bad luck.


Blogger Jaye said...

the other day you told me you were fine. forget about the bad luck, your blog looks nice :) lol

August 18, 2008 at 10:37 PM  

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