HEY Jasmine, what did you do all day ?

NOTHING, other than driving lessons. I woke up extra early on a Saturday morning because of the driving lessons, since my driving instructor has a trillion-zillion people to teach he makes me have classes at 6:30AM until 9:00PM. crazy right? I drove one of his students home then we went straight to learning. My instructor's pretty cool for a brown guy, he's married to a Filipino lady - and he taught my aunt and my mom how to drive. Once we were done, i drove home and collapsed on the bed and fell asleep for a good hour or two until Justin calls me - even though he ruined my sleep, i ruined his sleep earlier so we're even. Justin told me he was going to chill with Jaye, so yes i was bored, very bored. thanks alot Jaye, no im kidding. anyways one of my co-workers called me and asked if i could work today and tomorrow i said sure but only for today cause i'm working at my other job tomorrow. i'm so broke, i need money. So basically all that matters to me at the moment is school, driving lessons, money, and my boyfriend - once he makes time for me!!!


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