i need a break

talk about me being busy for once in my life. This whole week starting today is insanely crazy.

Saturday - coloring hair
Sunday - work 10:30am - 3:30pm
Monday - work 4pm - 8pm / English assignment due.
Tuesday - work 5pm - 10pm
Wednesday - triple j.r practice
Thursday - work - 5:30pm - 9:15pm
Friday - triple j.r practice

that's all so far. i basically am not aloud to spend any money what so ever since i just got paid on Thursday and I'm basically using that money on my hair. the rest of my pay and the next couple of cheques I'll be getting this Tuesday and this Thursday will be used for my dad's birthday present. which will be a Scorpio tattoo. well i'll write more later on - i'm going to get ready.

so it takes from 11:30am until 2:30pm to get my hair fully done and i only paid $100 not bad. so anyways i love off my pink hair. yes i said pink. and my hair isn't as orange as i wanted it to be soo boo to that. afterwards my momma-dukes picked me up and i got mcdonalds. from there i just spoke to my boyfriend and fell alseep. ate spicy chicken wings for dinner and went to my cousin shaynes but she's not here anymore so i'll probably bother my cousins/brother once i'm done this. i also watched some cute korean chick-flick movie - it's so cute and the main guy character is a mother fucking hottie to the extreme hahaha. anyways i kept looking at my hair today and i kept thinking if i should get my lip pierced on my left bottom lip. if you know by now - i've been wanting one for a while - i want to put the ring on my lip so badly. geeez, fuck a tattoo. so now i don't know what to do. i'll just bother my cousins.brother now and find some food.


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