jasmine got her first car =]

this week was so boring. worked on monday and tuesday and from wednesdy to friday it's all about dance. practice on wednesday and friday - auditions are on thusday.. psh we already know we made it, but we get to preform at my dad's 50th birthday. well anyways yesterday my dad bought me a car too bad i can't drive it yet - but hey i'll be taking it out whenever cause you know, i got myself my own keys to my car.i don't even have my g2, but whatever i got my own car! my aunts from cali are coming to my house on friday for my dads 50th birthday and my boyfriends coming! i'm so happy my boyfriends coming, I haven't seen him since september but yay i get to see my boyfriend. so i don't wanna type out anything anymore so bye.


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