eight days

I don't have to be at school until 10:55 yay! cause theres some presentation for rememberance day and i dont have to attend. sooo this week and next week is pretty intense for me, why? because today and tomorrow are triple J.R's final practices until our actual preformance which is on thursday. also friday is P.A day but i offered to work from 12PM - CLOSING since i really need the money. I also work another ten hours the next day at my other work. On the 19th is my 17th birthday which im pretty excited for since i'll be with my nikon d-40 that day and in my body works class we get to do hot yoga. the very next day i go for my g2 test - i better pass that shit, i just need to work on some parking. people are telling me to have a jam for my birthday but i've already gotten a huge load of things for my birthday - so i'm not quite sure on that. and last but not least nov 22 will be my day with my boyfriend...right? afterwards "OUCH"? and then jades? .. we'll see how it works.
i've been meaning to update my blog but i never have the time to make a new one. when i get the chance i will.
triple j.r webisode below.


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