First off, Happy birthday to Jaye - You're what 18? and you look like your 13 ahah. Secondly today is Halloween - I'm me myself and I for the holiday. and Third, Congrats to Adrian getting his G2. Pretty envious at the moment. Random but my day; Went to school, checked my belly button since it got infected - after almost 4 years of having it pierced, it only get infected now. Got dressed and went to school. Saw people with good costumes and other's that were just plain stupid. For lunch me and john went to square one along with clifford and kris. Ate some taco bell then back to school. went to class and then eventually home time. My mom, my younger brother, and I basically decorated the outside of my house for them trick or treaters. My pregnant cousin also came to my house - telling me about how I'm the junior bridesmaid for her upcoming wedding. There goes $160 for an alright dress. She left and I had to walk my younger brother to his friend's house. Oh yes, I also walked my dog and my dog was a pumpkin for Halloween. So kid's started coming to my door and I met my new neighbor and her son. He's the cutest thing - he looks like my nephew Daniel except his name was Nicholas, let me tell you how he was a pumpkin to. I got bored after half n hour of giving candy - so i went to Julio's house and played with their dog plus his brothers friends chiuaua. I also ran into my neighbour who has a Pomeranian, I found out they had another one who is actually pregnant at the moment - I told them to save me one cause you know, I love my animals. And they'll all be WHITE Pomeranian - yes white, I've always wanted a white Pomeranian. I just hope I can actually get one. Anyways Adrian, Kevin.L and Corey came to my house. I handed them as much candy as I could and gave Kevin all my reese's pieces. They left and I did nothing for the rest of the night. I tried creating a new layout but I got to lazy. Also My birthday is in 20 days, what is everyone getting me? I'd much appreciate it if people bought me those gift certificates from gas stations so I could have money for gas - I also want new jeans, new shirts and new shoes and boots, but I'd prefer if I told you which ones to get me since I'm picky. I'm still waiting for my Nikon d-40 cause I already know my parents are getting it for me, they told my aunts and they told me. I want so many things, I wish I could write more of what I want but I don't remember, oh yes i want a Pomeranian - so if anyone wants to help buy one for me I'd much likely appreciate that even more. Oh yeah and I'm cutting my hair - neither a mullet or hair like gigi torres, help me pick! thanks


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