yesterday i went downtown by myself and met up with my boyfriend the birthday boy and Chris. met up with more people then to korean bbq. it was blah. afterwards went to go watch a movie. watched role models - Ferdie drove me to a station, thanks btw. oh yeah nice meet Andrew, Chris and Kristine.
go on justins blog for pictures > airjustin.blogspot.com
anyways - went to work today. I was hella tired. So I only realized that my birthday is in 10 days, i get my g2 in 11 days and goetz-a-java is in 5 days. real excited for everything - heard some rumors about what may happen at java but whatever it's not gonna ruin my day. so yeah since my birthdays coming up i found out more things that i want for my birthday - i want a ps3 in order for me to play "little big planet" - i really want that game - in order for me to play that game i need to buy the system as well. i doubt i'll get it but for sure i'll be getting my Nikon d-40! i'll update later on im tired.


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