before the show my group got some red bull to get hyped up at school.
people been telling me about some bitches up at java that were gonna boo me. didn't hear shit during the performance but people around them have been telling me what they've been saying. honestly first off NO LIFE, secondly if you don't like me don't fucking talk about me - you are clearly wasting your 2faced self talking about me than talking shit about your friends. yeah i can be called a hypocrite at the moment but i just wanted to say that i don't give a shit about you - the only reason why I'm doing this is cause it bothers me that you talk about me when it's not even necessary and don't even say "why should i care?" obviously I'm going to care like hello wake the fuck up - you are talking about me. and you think i talk shit about you? i ONLY talk about you because "people" aka your friends tell me what YOU have been saying about me or what you will be doing to me. i don't care if you don't like me, i don't like you either - like i said your wasting your time talking shit - telling everyone what i have to say to you - OR have said to you, you honestly need to learn to leave this alone. Unlike you - I'm gonna be the bigger person AND drop your bullshit cause 99.9% of the time it's your lies and rumors that causes all this drama. Maybe you could actually learn from this and GROW THE FUCK UP, act your fucking age not your shoe size. Oh yes to them other readers out there - i just wanted to say sorry for me saying this but it had to be done and over with.

anyways, the performance should be up anytime soon and so will pictures once I'm not as lazy to put them up - oh yeah today's P.A day - no school =] but i work 10 hours at my work today and tomorrow at my other work. so far i only have the pre-dance video of our performance at gateway rec centre. I'll update later so enjoy the practice video.


i honestly like the practice better than the actual preformance. since i was wearing johns pants and they didnt fit my waist it looks like i have a penis lmao! and i messed up on the actual preformance like 4 times but its hardly noticable. but it's cool i'll write more later i have to go to work - 7am - 4pm.... im quit today =]

actual java preformance


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