today was bittersweet - at school it was civies - didn't bother going to any classes. picked up kim and jade and went to square one and ate. went back to school to drop them off and brought rina nicole and john to square one. i took $150 out of the bank to go christmas shopping. by the time i got the cash i had to drive john and rina back to school. so i ended up going back to school then back to square one to go shopping once again. this time i got everything for everyone in my family except my dog and my mom. i got my dad some cd's, my younger brother some cute h&m leather jacket and as for my older brother - a fitted. my moms present is going to screw me over a fucking coach purse thats like $400 - thank God my brother is paying for half and also good news my brothers manager knows the manger from coach who can give it to us for 50% off. i was so happy. i dropped nicole home then wrapped these mother fucking gifts. also i got myself an h&m leather jacket as well cause it was cute and i wanted one. anyways drove back to school to pick up john and rina. dance practice. cleaned up green light. everyone left. me and john tried making a choreo to 11h30. john made the whole dance up with two moves of my assist. it is soo sick but it's still a work in progress.
so this is the bitter part of my day. i come inside my house and my younger bother tells me i have a big present downstairs. i check and i see the ugliest wrapping ever. and i ask what it was, no one would tell me. so my younger brother eventually tells me and its a fucking steerring wheel cover, a box of perfume, and a fucking bikini. first of all - i was soo pissed, clearly i've been constantly telling my mother i want a slr. secondly, what the hell am i going to do with the gifts they got me - perfume: like yeah it will probably stank or smell good but i already have a million brand name perfumes and i don't even use them. steerring wheel cover: yeah you got me a car but i don't want no fucking acessories for my car - it looks fine the way it is i dont need the stupid cover. waste of money. a bikini: its fucking winter! i dont go swimming outdoors in the winter, i dont go swimming indoors what the fuck. me hearing all the shit ruined my day. i get like everyone in my family something i know they want and i fucking get that bullshit trash. both my brothers got new phones and i get trash what the fuck. this pisses me off. on top of that i have no money anymore - i clearly want to get myself and my boyfriend a sidekick lx or even uggs but no. not possible. i'm so mad and frustraded. i've been wanting an slr since last year and september is when i could actually get one myself but i was told to buy it myself because my moms a cheap ass. so now i have to start from scratch.
other than that whats on my down side my boy john won't be attending gns tomorrow which makes me really mad. it is also snowing like mad tomorrow. i'm still going with danny nguyen and maybe bring andrew (my montreal friend). let's just hope everything is fine tomorrow


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