i finally got to spend time with my boyfriend one on one, after what 3 weeks? i was suppose to pick him up at Kipling station but his daddy drove him to my house instead. had so much fun yesterday, going to pho, buying my boyfriend another hat that cost $78, eating crepes but the worst part about the day were two things, driving in the snow - i honestly feel like i'm going to crash and die and it sucked how my tongue wasn't even healed - so i could hardly eat anything but then again im still in the process of teaching myself how to eat. anyways called up Andrew and he drove my boyfriend to yorkdale. afterwards got home way to early that we went to heartland and we went shopping at pets mart for my doggie. bought him nail clippers since someone in my family misplaced it somewhere. other than that i want another dog. i saw a cute 3/4 chihuahua & 1/4 yorkie up for sale. if it's still up by the time i get enough money for it, i'm hoping/willing to buy it. anyways work in an hour and a half.


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