New years Resolution and a blast from my past

Out of the three resolutions I think i'll fail in all of them. but mostly the first and third.

My new years resolutions are
ONE not hate anyone before I know them. So if you know me by now I am one of the biggest haters ever. This year I plan on getting to know the person first and deciding if I should like them or not. Instead of just hating on them for whatever reason I may think of.

TWO save money, I cannot save money at all. I still owe my mom plenty of money and still have to buy my boyfriend a pair of shoes of his choice plus my stupid slr camera I was suppose to get months ago.

THREE start cutting down on the sneakers and start getting into my girly side for a change. bye bye sneakers, hello heels. and also I won't be selling any of my shoes just because I don't wanna sell anything that Justin has bought me; they mean alot to me.

I wanted to blast from my past to remember the memories of 2008. (no specific order)
Goetz a Java 2008 - TRIPLEJR practices - Justins 16th birthday - reunited relationship between me and justin - Jades random jam - Gateway - lunch with John Rina & Nicole - Working at loblaws then quitting after 6 months - Missions to C2GNS with Danny Nguyen & John Martillano - Buying a seasons pass for Wonderland and only going once to go swimming - late night home drives from boyfriends friend Ferdie (thanks again) - Jayes little birthday get together downtown - my birthday gift, a car - and getting my G2 the day after my 17th birthday - me and jayes matching bred 11s day lol - skipping 2nd period every other day - Having serious girl talk with my mother - watching my younger brother grow up, having girlfriends and dressing up in h&m clothing - me and joven all of a sudden getting along phase, kinda - Grade 11 lunch with Sandra and Alisha I miss them - Going to Wonderland on wonderbus, seeing Jayare and Justin waiting for me standing there as if they were models.
If I remember more I'll put it up

P.S. Danny Nguyen this song is for you! <3 it's our song now!


Blogger D A N N Y S T E E Z N G U Y E N said...


December 29, 2008 at 10:52 AM  
Blogger Jaye said...

lol i remember you hated me at first. now we're like BFFLs, btw i told you i was gonna clean my room but i saw you updated so yeah :)

December 30, 2008 at 4:28 PM  

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