Worst begining of a New year

Happy new years everyone. the very first day of January 2009 and guess what i do ? I go to Vaughan Mills to visit my boyfriend - thanks to Jaye of course by giving me the idea and Andrew for great timing of what to do today. Andrew drove my car to Vaughan, got lost cause he didn't make that turn. Called Kae Anne to tell me how to get there. Thanks love if you are reading this. Got there went to visit Jaye first, he wasn't there so went to Gap and there was my boyfriend. He got off early even though he didn't have to cause i didn't ask or imply. met chesca in person and chilled with her phan boyfriend and Andrew. went to Nike to see Jaye. Basically just chilled there and then we all drove back to Mississauga just to eat McDonald's excluding Jaye. Ate and talked for about an hour then we all split up.
Honestly I had a fun day, but I thought it could have been better. I went home and tried helping my mom out with her e-mails but I didn't even understand the problem so we ended up getting into an argument but this time I didn't say anything to her. She ended up crying cause I had nothing to say to her. One second she tells me to stop yelling at her, the next she wants me to. I don't understand my mom at all. I feel bad I really do but it ruined my day. Urgh fuck my life.

My Christmas eve was alright, spent time with the family but before that went to applebee's with all of my co-workers. It was fun and I didn't have to pay a cent. Right after that went to my cousins house. And that's when I got mad - I saw my cousin holding a Nikon D-90. Fucker.. Kidding I love her but I was so pissed. She got a Nikon D-90. I thought she was going to get the Canon Rebel but last minute she changed her mind. My mom saw the camera and she knew I was mad - which made so much sense why she was talking to me about nikon slrs this morning. She knew I wanted one since forever. And I told her my cousin was probably going to get one before me. So I'm guessing she knows I was really pissed and tried to make me feel better by telling me to buy one. But I highly doubt I'll be getting one anytime soon because slr's are hella expensive - and i already have to buy Justin's sidekick. for everyone information by the way, I am not getting a sidekick anymore - I need money that has to be saved. No More spending money. Life sucks.


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