Orginally planned on not to go to GNS because I had work but after talking to Jaye decided to go anyway. Called in sick for work. Talked to Danny - Got ready - Picked him up at his house and drove to Kipling sation. Fuck my life I didn't know where to park. Eventually found a parking spot paid $5.00. Subwayed to Eatons with Dan-Dan, ate some taco vila mmmmm... then went off shopping. wanted to buy half cabs but they didnt have my size and creative recs but they didnt have the ones i wanted. Also wanted to buy alot of things at American Apparel but just didn't. Danny bought a fanny pack and a headband aww cute. waited and called Jaye but never picked up. I ditched Jaye, IM SORRY. Went to GNS - while me and Danny were going to Gns at the subway we ran up the wrong stairs and we were so excited to get there once up the stairs were just like, where the hell are we it so funny. Once i got to GNS i called up Jaye. Then Jaye 3-wayed Kristine and stayed on the phone with them until Kristine got to GNS. Just chilled there for the most part and meeting new people, going to the convience store to buy my boyfriend his water. Eventually Jaye comes and me and Jayare had some funny/good talks about relationships. Took some pictures also. Eventually GNS had to come to an end. So from there had good talks to Kristine, Jaye and Danny. Got the the bus to eat with everyone. But last minute some of us just decided to go to Korean B.B.Q instead. Oh yeah and some dude at GNS looked like my boyfriend ahahaha. which kind of scared me a little but anyways went to Korean B.B.Q - ate there. once we were done we subwayed back to Kipling but parted from Jaye Jayare and Justin. So me and Danny went all the way to Kipling. To find out that my car was dead. I left the lights on - stupid me. So we asked people to help. I love brown/white people now. They helped us get out. Thank you God. Drove Danny home - scared shitless my parents were going to kill me. But they didn't they just took my keys and said they didn't like the time I got home which was 1AM. Talked to Justin on the phone for a couple of minutes then fell asleep. Had retarded dreams to last night to. oh and Andrew Bautista.... you never said Bye =[ and F.Y.I Last picture is mine ahaah

Photo Creds to Danny Nguyen.


Blogger abautista said...

Sorry i didnt say bye. I was in a rush to leave because i was an hour late for dinner with a friend. By the way check the picture i posted on my blog ahaha.

January 4, 2009 at 1:40 AM  

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