im back and fml

over the weekend i was in sudbury for my cousins wedding. it's a 4 hour drive from where i live. honestly everything started bad and ended up being bad.
- i couldn't go to my last day of co-op
- i made 60 cupcakes for my h&m employees that i couldn't drop off so my family ate them
- only got one hour of sleep throughout the ride there cause of discomfort
- my dog had to come along cause my neighbours weren't at home
- sudbury is hella ghetto filled with homeless / crackhead thugs
- the priest was pretty rude during rehersal
- i didn't get to jam with my cousins due to how tired i was
- i got sick cause of my aunt
- my aunts/uncles dont know how to use a GPS system so i had to do it for them
- i couldn't swim in the pool because it was super cold (i stayed in the hot tub)
- before the wedding i was the only bridesmaid on time
- after the wedding the food was nasty except the chicken (i got itis)
- i didn't go to the pub cause i was hella tired
- i got locked out of my own hotel room cause my dog escapes and i left the key in the hotel room
- my gay uncles talked to me about sex and penis sizes which was really scary
- while taking pictures with the wedding party it started to rain
- my dog shit in the hotel room
- the shampoo/conditioner was shit as hell
- during the BBQ i became really sick and tried so i was sleeping in the car
- my parents ignored my sickness to party hard...idiots
- going home was scary and pissed me off
- i held my piss in for a really long time until we found a resting area
- i couldn't sleep throughout the whole ride home
- i was in such discomfort that my mucsles in my lower back / legs became so sore
- when i got home i couldn't walk
- justin called me and i was crying because the pain in my body

honestly the only good things were
- seeing my cousin get married
- watching her baby get baptised
- looking at the cool ponds / lakes / rivers / huge rocks / boats ect.
- i saw a black bear while going home
- being at home

...word, i'm never going there EVER again.


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