stomp urban hiphop competition

i finally got my prom dress plus my prom shoes total cost equals $100 flat. i also called my aunt to book a day at her nail salon yaaaah man. i got to spend time with my best friend that day as well. speaking of my best friend check out his youtube channel > http://youtube.com/steeznguyen

work up mad early. picked up my best friend and bought tickets for the go bus to head downtown. Andrew also came with us. subwayed down to dufferin to meet up with Jaye and Wendy. then bused to stomp. we got there around 11AMish and the doors didn't open until 12:30PM. we were basically first in line. Jowell came out and fed us, thanks cutie. Eventually went inside watched performances, some were pretty shit and boring. Lawrence came a little bit later. we had three rows basically cheering for both C2 GNS and C2 GNS JRS. They both won first place in their division. After the competition, i was stuck loafting which i hate. i also had a major headache from screaming and not eating much. oh yeah,it was me and Justin's 33 months today as well. after million of hours of loafting boyfriend, Danny and i went to eat Korean BBQ with Angela Lawrence and Calvin but Korean BBQ was to full so we ended up just going across the street eating Swiss chalet. Lawrence was teaching most of us how to speak Japanese which was cool we all eventually left. me and Danny were waiting in the go bus waiting to leave, Christine Le and Vince Lao came in the bus. we got to talking. they went to spotlight. well anyways back to Mississauga and i drove all of them home then myself home and passed out while being on the phone with my boyfriend. good day and congrats to the team once again and happy 33 months babe.

random black chick got into the picture


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