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two posts in one day. yeah so this is what happens when my parents aren't home and my boyfriend is out. i was sick, sick like a mother fucker. the weather was so warm and hot. tell me how i fucking hated it. i woke up crying, knowing that no one could take care of me. i miss my parents - i really do. since my older brother went to work i had to make food for my cousins. i made them soup, but i didn't make enough so i didn't get any. i tried sleeping and i got non-stop phone calls from people every 15 minutes. when i finally decide to stay awake no one called. my cousins went to my other cousins house - they live about a five minute walk from my house. i was really hungry so i took me and my younger brother to McDonald's. we ate and i thought if i ate junk food that I'd fall asleep right after, i was so wrong. i ended up cleaning my room, the living room, the kitchen and washing dishes. i did all of this before 4pm. i ended up staying on the computer for the rest of the day except for driving my younger brother to his friends party. oh and i did get to talk to Jaye.

so since i was staying at home with my hands glued to the laptop i finally decide i should watch a movie on watchvideos.net. i checked out the new releases and found out that the grudge 3 came out. if you know me you'd know i hate the grudge. at first it was hilarious and i laughed non-stop but it ended up getting to me. I'd watch the grudge 3 right now but I'm to pussy to. i really wanna watch earth but i wanna watch it with my boyfriend. and i also saw another preview of the movie up. ZOMG up is one hilarious movie just by watching that one preview. the preview was not the trailer. i basically know what happens in the movie now but i won't ruin it for people.

on a side note my cousin and her boyfriend are coming here to "party" i guess. but i told my friends to not come anymore due to the fact that I'm sick. I'd rather have just some family bonding time. other than that, i miss my boyfriend. it sucks how my parents are gone for a week and he won't be able to come over and see me. booooooooooo!


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