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went downtown yesterday. went to GNS with danny, waited for the bus at sherbourne station for 30 minutes. turns out angela shi and ryan were behind us the whole time. surprised a couple of people when we arrived at GNS. watched their practice. George from supremesoul came by. met alot more people. ate pho, thanks for the food babe. then brandons house and drove back home.

now i'm at home being sick. i miss my parents. i hate being to responsible especially when i'm sick. my room is so messy to. i had so much fun last night except for what happened at the end of GNS, scared me and i felt terrible. I heard their both fine now and that's all that should matter.
photo credits: danny nguyen


Blogger Jaye said...

these pictures look really familiar. btw now that me you and justin have 1s/camo shorts/vnecks we can match hardcore

April 25, 2009 at 2:27 PM  

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